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3week old vomiting

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Booboostoo Sat 27-Sep-14 18:40:46

I posted this in children's health but no one has replied.

DS is 3.5 weeks old, breast fed and has had a very unsettled 24 hours. Late last night he vomited a few times and then was up most night grunting and struggling every time he passed gas and stools. He has continued vomiting during the day. He is breast feeding very frequently, does not seem dehydrated, loads of wet and yellow poo diapers, and no fever.

Is this a temporary upset, or the start of reflux or something more serious? Should he be seen by a doctor or is that OTT?

Ihavenoideawhereitis Sat 27-Sep-14 19:48:45

If he is not dehydrated and has no fever that seems like a good sign, but as he is so young, I would err on the side of caution and give the doctor a call. They usually tend to call back fairly quickly for a newborn, and they will be able to talk you through the symptoms better.

AnotherStitchInTime Sat 27-Sep-14 19:50:38

Don't take any chances with such a young baby, get him checked just to be sure.

tiktok Sat 27-Sep-14 19:54:16

Booboo, I think this is one of those situations where you have to make the executive parental decision based on common sense and judgement.....vomiting in a baby can be worrying because of dehydration, as you say, but with bf ad lib and no sign of fever and no lethargy or listlessness (from what you say), then he's probably ok. But I am not a doctor, just another mother!

Perhaps a chat with the out of hours doctor would help you decide if you needed some in person medical advice and reassurance?

Booboostoo Sat 27-Sep-14 20:27:42

We're in France and our pediatrician is on holiday at the moment. i should be able to get hold of a GP on Monday but everyone relies on A&E here at weekends which seems like overkill.

I am pretty certain he is not dehydrated, he is bfing every hour or two hours and had 10 very wet and pooey diapers today. when he is awake he is very lively.

misshoohaa Sat 27-Sep-14 20:45:15

Booboo, my daughter did something very similar and coincided with my milk really being in abundance, we had a couple of projectile vomits and about 6-8 weeks of regular vomiting, pretty much after every feed.

I think she may have had some level of reflux but it never seemed to bother her much and she gained weight well. She would sometimes cry before a puke, but would be fine after she had been sick.

We had lots of grunting and snuffling in her sleep and could often her hear being sick which was a worry!

We put the cot on an angle, I stopped dairy and caffeine (not sure if that helped much) and kept her upright as much as possible.

She's now 14 weeks and still quite a sicky baby, but it's tailed off & she's plumped up nicely.

Booboostoo Sun 28-Sep-14 09:27:29

I think I have an over supply problem as well - I had with DD too. It helps if I feed him in upright positions and I have tried to follow the kellymom advice.

I will cut out dairy as of today and see what happens. He had a much better night last night, fed lying down tll 5am, we both got some sleep and then he did more of the grunting and fussing with passing gas. No vomits overnight or so far this morning.

Booboostoo Mon 29-Sep-14 09:58:21

I managed to speak with a doctor yesterday who thinks it was probably reflux and I can follow it up with our regular doctor. He hasn't vomited in 24 hours so it all seems to have calmed down for now.

Thank you all for your help!

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