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How long does it take your 5mo to feed?

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Highlove Mon 04-Aug-14 21:23:58

Most feeds during the day are now really quick - sometimes less than five mins. Feels like we can go from a very full boob to emptied in about three mins. Is DD just super efficient now she's bigger or that she's just too busy playing and chewing on stuff to feed during the day? Night feeds (generally three of them still) tend to be longer.

I'm not overly concerned as she's gaining weight, plenty of nappies, etc. Though I do wonder if still feeding three times at night means she's not taking as much by day as she could.

Anyway, how long do other babies of a similar age take? Thoughts on the three feeds a night thing?


mrsmugoo Mon 04-Aug-14 21:26:04

Yeah about 3 minutes per boob here too - in, out, job done!

Its great - I remember the 45+ minute bedtime feeds, now we're done in less than 10.

IShallCallYouSquishy Mon 04-Aug-14 21:28:45

5.5 month DS has quick feeds but that's more as I'm also trying to entertain a toddler too. He will feed every couple hours in the day and several times a night.

Bedtime feed is hour + and night feeds 20ish minutes before I can slip my boob out gently.

mrsmugoo Mon 04-Aug-14 21:29:11

Oh about the night feeds - we do dreamfeed at 10:30 then one other feed sometime between 3-6am. If it's nearer to 3am he might need boobing back to sleep about 6am too.

Is your LO definitely waking 3 times a night out of hunger?

I don't think mine technically "needs" his dreamfeed but I do it just so I get a longer bit of unbroken sleep.

Highlove Mon 04-Aug-14 21:54:54

Not sure if the three times a night thing is hunger; I am gently trying to settle her without boob. Have only succeeded once but to be fair that's partly because DH is up at 6 so if it's 3am I'd rather settle her quickly and quietly. I've also stopped waking for her dream feed but so far she's only once not woken herself - may just be habit though.

Pre-bed feed is still 30mins, sometimes 45. And 20-30 mins during the night.

Fruitsaladmum Tue 05-Aug-14 05:03:55

My son was doing 3 minute feeds at 5 months (but he was a pretty quick feeder from the very beginning). I can't remember if he was on 2 or 3 feeds a night at that stage.
He was at 2 feeds a night at 12 months and started sleeping through the night at 16months.

The night wakings are only a problem if they bother you. If you are getting completely run down you can do things to try and encourage her to sleep longer, otherwise they should go in their own time.

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