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Gone cold turkey on breastfeeding - tips to help dry up milk

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Madamecastafiore Sun 03-Aug-14 07:44:58

Before my boobs explode.

Am using the deep freeze pads that tested for Mumsnet and they are helping to a degree but is there anything that can get this awful process over with.

Kerberos Sun 03-Aug-14 07:46:28

Express a bit to ease the discomfort. It won't speed the process but will make it hurt less.

wishingforwillpower Sun 03-Aug-14 07:47:55

Don't think cold turkey is wise - you need to express a bit or you could risk mastitis. Ideally you should drop a feed or two at a time I think?

Iggly Sun 03-Aug-14 07:52:35

Why are you going cold turkey?

LoveBeingInTheSun Sun 03-Aug-14 07:56:31

I did this and would never do it again, it hurts and every touch hurts a lot. I think the go can give you something to dry it ip

Madamecastafiore Sun 03-Aug-14 08:24:54

Because she totally refuses to drink from a bottle if the breast is an option and now she is 8.5 months will be going to nursery at least 1 day a week as I will start working at least a day a week soon.

I think I will just express a little this morning so I can go for a run as boobs are like ginormous hard melons at present. Am taking ibuprofen and fennel tea and have ordered sage capsules to start taking just wondered if anyone had wise advice for me.

Bellossom Sun 03-Aug-14 08:50:17

I ran a shower on mine and held wet flannel when I was engorged.

I wouldn't drink fennel tea

Bellossom Sun 03-Aug-14 08:51:11

As many people take fennel tea to increase supply not stop it

littleomar Sun 03-Aug-14 08:52:48

Sage is meant to stop it. Tea or capsules.

Redhead11 Sun 03-Aug-14 08:55:19

I got stuff from the GP to dry up my milk with DD2, but it made me as sick as a dog. Both times, my DC stopped dead and i had huge quantities of milk. i could have fed the street! And this was after they were down to almost no feeds. i just endured it. Restrict your fluids a bit, but not too much in this warm weather. I found that after about a week, i had a 'flood' and that was the end of it.

Branleuse Sun 03-Aug-14 09:11:09


ChangeIsNear Sun 03-Aug-14 09:12:51

Madame, I am going through this process too hmm ATM! I'm on day 3. I had to go cold turkey too (anything else wouldn't have worked).

I've only expressed very little just once on the 1st day, because I thought I could feel a lump on my breast. It was rock solid hard on the 1st day and very painful, I lay down on my back pretty much the whole day (DS is being looked after by his dad).

2nd day it was still rock solid hard but I felt a little more confident that I wouldn't get mastitis. I just had a bottom shower and haven't showered top half of my body and haven't been out!. I'm also not walking around as movement increases milk supply and pain.

I'm on third day now, and the breast is still v hard but slightly softer so I hope we are going in the right direction?! Anyone know?

Things I am doing:

- cold green cabbage leaves around the breast (put them in the fridge or freezer). I change them every 2-3 hours. This helps reduce supply and inflammation.
- for the 1st day, cold compresses from freezer.
- sage tea around 6 times a day
- vitamin b6, 200mg per day for 5 days
- Benadryl plus capsules, 3 in 24 hours. This contains pseudophedrine which helps decrease milk supply by 24% per day apparently. You can get them over the counter at a pharmacy, make sure it's the one that contains pseudophedrine or get any tablet that contains that.

Regarding expressing, I've read alot online, and spoken to people too, who have said only express if the pain is unbearable or you spot signs of mastitis (like red patch on breast, or blocked duct or feverish etc). There are some online who are suggesting that as long as you don't empty the breast it's ok to express. I really need to dry up the milk ASAP as we are on holiday next week, so I'm trying to do the fastest method, though I have no idea when it will go! shock

Best of luck and keep us updated x

ChangeIsNear Sun 03-Aug-14 09:14:56

How are you managing to go for a run OP?! When I walk I've been holding my breast!! shock

Also definitely stop fennel tea. That increases milk supply. You can also try peppermint tea and peppermint sweets to decrease milk supply.

ChangeIsNear Sun 03-Aug-14 09:17:42

Redhead, may I ask what you mean by you had a flood at the end of 1st week? I've been wondering what's going to happen to the milk in my HUGE breast now that I'm on day 3 of going cold turkey and there's no sign of leaking at all.

DudleyDoRight Sun 03-Aug-14 09:18:04


ChangeIsNear Sun 03-Aug-14 09:21:49

If you go down the sudafed route, it's this one:

Fruitsaladmum Sun 03-Aug-14 10:07:24

I would express if it is too uncomfortable just don't do it too often.
I have oversupply (had it both pregnancies). This time round the lactation consultant Advised me to do a full express off once a day for a few days to help settle my supply down she said as long as it was only once a day should not increase my supply further (I was very dubious about it but it did actually help and I did not end up with mastitis this time round which was nice).

I think a full express once a day should help with the pain and reduce your chances of getting mastitis without prolonging the process too much.

ChangeIsNear Sun 03-Aug-14 10:22:52

Fruit, thanks that's helpful. How many days did it take for your breasts to settle a little I.e. Move from very hard to manageable/soft?

ChangeIsNear Sun 03-Aug-14 14:59:26

Just wanted to bump this smile

Madamecastafiore Sun 03-Aug-14 16:00:12

Thanks chaps.

I ran after taking painkillers and wearing 3 sports bras and sort of holding boobs so didn't bounce around too much. I get really ratty if I don't exercise and after coming back from hols (first ever holiday where I did no exercise) am dreading slimming world so trying to run every day.

Have stopped fennel tea. I knew it god something to do with breast feeding Doh!! Have ordered sage capsules, taken ibuprofen periodically and some sudafed but list box so not sure if right one!! Will buy more tomorrow.

May try a few antihistamines too to see if they work.

Did express a bit this morning and it had a funny green twinge to it.

Boobs feel a bit less sore this afternoon but now got to get over the hurdle of me giving her the bottle rather than DH.

mrsspagbol Sun 03-Aug-14 16:12:08

Cabbage leaves. Cabbage leaves. Cabbage leaves.

Madamecastafiore Sun 03-Aug-14 16:28:36

Am using the freeze pack things tested for mumsnet, last for 3 hours and smell a bit nicer than cabbage!! wink

Iggly Sun 03-Aug-14 19:30:38

The thing is she would take a bottle I bet when you went to work. Or a sippy cup. My dd never had a bottle, she was 9 months when I went back 4 days a week. Not a problem.

Fruitsaladmum Mon 04-Aug-14 02:54:07

Changeisnear :
I did three days. Did not fix my oversupply completely but did help make things not quite so engorged and painful (still have to posture feed and only feed from one side/ feed at three months).

Madamecastafiore Mon 04-Aug-14 10:54:55


Boobs far less sore today, not gone down in size yet but softer and limps have dissipated.

Woo woo.

Posture is better, I feel lighter and have oodles more energy.

Hoe everyone else is ok.

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