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If you BF, how do you give gaviscon while out and about?

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ilovetosleep Thu 31-Jul-14 10:25:39

I have been mixing with bm in a cup and spooning it to DS2 or sometimes use a syringe. I sit there squirting milk in a cup as and when I need! Yesterday we are out all day and so he didn't get any gaviscon at all (continued with his 3 x daily ranitidine though) and today he is refusing to feed again, which is the major symptom of his reflux. So he obviously needs both.

Can I pre mix gaviscon into separate bottles or something? How lon can the bm be out I the fridge? Could I pre mix 6 doses an store in fridge each day? It's a nightmare!

MrsGSR Thu 31-Jul-14 10:44:16

I mixed it with cooled boiled water. Asda sell a little pack of bottles for hand luggage. I carried one of the 100ml ones full of water and two little sample size pots to mix it up in. Bit of a pain but better than nothing!

Lucked Thu 31-Jul-14 11:05:13

I had tiny Tupperware size pots which I sterilised, I think they were from cup feeding in the hospital. I made it up with a very small amount of boiling water, probably about 10mls, before leaving the house and then cup fed it prior to a breastfeed. Also did this for the overnight feed so I had it in advance.

Gaviscon isn't milk so it doesn't carry the same risks making it in advance within reason,

LearningAsIGoMummy Sat 02-Aug-14 17:39:02

My LO is now 5 months, is bf, and has been on gaviscon for a few months. We mix gaviscon with cooled boiled water. I used to take cooled boiled water in a bottle, and mix up with sachets after each feed, and syringe feed it to her. This is a bit of a performance when out and about, attracts lots of comments/questions, and I felt a bit like a pharmacist. We now make up a days worth of gaviscon in a bottle each morning, and it's much less of a performance. Still seems to work and we haven't had any problems. Means I now travel with a single bottle (containing pre-mixed gaviscon) and a syringe - much easier.

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