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Can I still feed if my boobs feel empty?!

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Salmonspringroll Thu 17-Jul-14 22:54:16

Exactly what the title says..... Babygirl is going 5-6 hours between feeds at night time and 3 hours in the day. In the evening maybe every 1-2 hours. In the evening and before bed my boobs feel empty, is she still getting milk out?!

AnythingNotEverything Thu 17-Jul-14 22:58:13

Yup. Your boobs don't store milk, they make it fresh, on demand. It's like magic.

If you bf exclusively, on demand, and let baby have as much as they want, you'll almost certainly produce enough. It's really clever.

itsahen Thu 17-Jul-14 23:03:23

Yes you produce as long as she suckles

McFlickle Thu 17-Jul-14 23:08:00

Yes, I did wonder about that too though. In the evening they'll feel empty and she'll be on for ages but I have seen the milk in her mouth when she pulls away grin

mangofizz Thu 17-Jul-14 23:15:31

Yes, a good analogy is that your boobs are a factory, not a warehouse!

Robo2013 Thu 17-Jul-14 23:17:58

I had this too, sometimes felt hard and full, and other times empty! As long as baby growing and happy that's a good sign. Also hv told me the same as above that your a factory not storage. Good luck :0)

AppleAndMelon Thu 17-Jul-14 23:46:59

Yes - and of course the more suckling = the more milk.

DevonCiderPunk Fri 18-Jul-14 00:35:54

Yes. They are magical!

fledermaus Fri 18-Jul-14 09:26:04

Yes, she'll still be getting milk and the milk will be more fatty too.

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