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Please help with extreme gas!

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LondonBetti Sun 25-May-14 11:38:17

I am on a strict elimination diet for a couple of weeks as my breastfed dd has horrendous gas. She is 10 weeks (6 weeks adjusted) with a constantly gurgling tummy, writhing and farting every 5-10 mins, mostly discomfort but occasional screaming. Rarely can sleep longer than a 10-15 min block day or night whether in cot, sling or even sleeping on me.

Our paediatrician recommended changing diet so I've been eating a basic and incredibly flipping boring diet - porridge with water and cherry jam for brekkie , gluten free bread, turkey, lettuce and mayo for lunch with potato, carrot, squash and tuna or turkey for tea. Pears and boiled sweets as snacks / treats.

That's it! Any advice on if there is something else I should cut out?

Btw tried all the usual - infacol, detinox, gripe water, colic calm, tummy massage, leg bicycling - with no improvement so really hoping a diet change might work!


josephine1986 Sun 25-May-14 11:45:41

Only thing that stands out is the egg in the mayo and possubly in the gf bread? Also soya in the bread? Try allergies forum, lots of good food advice there.

How long have you been on the diet and have you seen any change?

Hope you have been referred to a dietitian for your own nutrition? They will advise supplements but be careful as many pills contain soya - the pregnacare breastfeeding does for example.

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