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9 month old bottle refuser, returning to work soon, help!

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marushka82 Tue 13-May-14 02:58:59

I'm really stuck - my DD is 9.5 mo and has been ebf (with the occasional bottle in the beginning before my milk came in properly) since birth. I'm returning to work in July and I'm really worried because she refuses to take the bottle. My DH stayed at home with her today and I went out with my friends. DD had an evening meal (she's taking solids really well, well, at least judging by her poos!) and went to sleep quickly, but would not drink any milk (my expressed milk). She just woke up now and was potentially a bit hungry but still would not take bottle from DH.

I read a few threads about bottle refusers and I know that people mention that once baby is in nursery they can have cow's milk from a cup, lots of yoghurt etc but the problem is that DD has CMPI (plus soya intolerance as well). I'm 99% sure that is the case but have an appointment in July to check that.

If she ends up CMPI what then? What will she drink all day? I'm happy to bf in the evening/morning after I'm back at work (part time, 3 days a week), but won't DD need formula during the day at nursery/childminder's?
I'm really stressing out about this and worried that she'll end up starving or dehydrated etc...

Please help! What worked for your bottle refusers? Sippy cups? Bottles with straw?

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 13-May-14 21:51:41

Really don't worry. Both of mine were ardent bottle refusers and were both fine. Don't bother with bottles either, she will be fine with some ebm in a sippy cup, bottles aren't recommended after 12 months anyway so it seems a bit pointless getting her used to one now.

If you are worried about her calcium, I'm sure with that amount of bfs she'll be fine but it might be worth speaking to a BFC, have you got the helpline numbers? Things like salmon, especially tinned, broccolli and dried figs are all high in calcium and have you tried the Wot No Dairy yoghurts?

NeatFreak Tue 13-May-14 21:54:56

My dd is 10 months and I'm due back at work soon. I'm still bfing and she has suspected cmpi too, although she seems to be tolerating cheese and yogurt in small doses recently. I'm not trying to use a bottle and will just feed in the morning and evening (and probably still during the night!). She is my third and I did exactly the same with the other two when they started nursery- milk from a cup if they wanted it but mainly water during the day and bm the rest of the time. They should be ok with a range of solids for a few hours at that age

marushka82 Wed 14-May-14 22:43:43

Thanks ladies!
I haven't heard about Wot no dairy yogurts, will definitely try to find some! I found some info about a coconut milk yogurt called CoYo as well!

I guess I'm worried because DD is not that great drinking from a sippy cup either at this stage... I'm trying to offer her water at the end of each meal but she either plays with the sippy cup or just throws it on the floor. I have three different cups now and had mild success with a Nuby stage 1 one (with a no spill valve thing).

I've got an appointment with an allergy specialist in July and I'm hoping that if it turns out that DD is in fact CMPI and soya intolerant I'll get a prescription for the hypoallergenic formula (I doubt I'll have enough time to express milk for the three days when she's at a childminder's). I definitely plan to bf DD in the morning and evening on days when I'm working (hopefully not through the night as DD has just started to sleep through after we weaned her off night feeds and sleep trained her a bit; before that she'd snack every two hours and DH and I were exhausted and so was DD!). From what you're saying she'll either get used to the idea of drinking formula from a sippy cup or will drink water and with three meals a day won't starve at the childminder's? She currently still bfs a lot during the day; I'd say about 4-5 times from wake up to bedtime.

Ugh, I wish this was simpler but your replies are definitely reassuring (I was really starting to freak out!)

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 14-May-14 22:48:33

I think she will be fine without any bfs while you are at work.. I went back 2 days a week and mine just fed a bit more on the days I was home.

I would talk to a BFC though. You don't want to go from doing 4 to 5 bfs in a day straight to dropping 2 or 3. It might cause you to have mastitis.

MumOfTheMoos Wed 14-May-14 22:53:21

Straw cups sorted my 11mth old bottle refuser!

RedHatNoDrawers Thu 15-May-14 10:03:53

DS2 was 8m before he would drink from anything and 10m before it was more than a sip. He was also 9m before he ate any quantity at all, so I was panicking about return to work, at 10.5m. But it was fine, once he got it, he got it!

If you are still bfing plenty, then just water on those days at nursery would be fine I think, you may find she just feeds more the rest of the time to make up for it.

Try not to worry, there is a lot of time between now and july.

Sunflower1985 Thu 15-May-14 20:01:35

9.5mo ds. He was mixed fed so knew about bottles, but I've found he loves drinking water from a regular water bottle. I think because he sees us doing it.
I guess what I'm saying is it doesn't matter how they take it. I suspect they're hardier than we fear.
Good luck going back to work. I've just gone back. It's true that it's tougher on us than them IME.
I'm making sure we bf just before drop off and when I pick up though. Also, just did evening feed and he had the option of some ebm or boob. Chose boob. They know where the good stuff is grin

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