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i think this week is my last week of bf 16 month old ds, feel bereft.

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jimijack Mon 12-May-14 15:27:18

DH is taking baby away for the weekend. It's been planned for a while, I have to work.

He still bf on demand in the day, we cut out night bf about 6 weeks ago.

We have both thoroughly enjoyed it. Still do, but my question is how to relieve engorged painful breasts?

Is it paracetamol & try to express a bit off?

I do 10 hour shifts & have terrible pain only relieved by bf.
I think this weekend will be the end of bf for us.

rubyslippers Mon 12-May-14 15:30:03

I'm sorry - I felt a bit emotional when I stopped (ie sobbed over DD's head during her last feed when she was three)

I did Savoy cabbage leaves in my bra, sudafed (meant to decrease Milk supply) and ibuprofen

You've done amazingly to get to 16 months!

weebairn Tue 13-May-14 07:43:08

I just recently stopped a week ago, DD is 19 months.
I am pregnant and I think my milk has gone, so she lost interest, or when I tried to feed to soothe her, just cried.
I was quite upset sad

On the plus side my boobs have been fine after the first day, no need for painkillers or expressing. But we were just down to one feed a day and like I said I think the milk is gone.
When I was engorged in the early days I found ibuprofen and yes the cabbage leaves helpful. Also hot baths/showers. You may have to express a little.

I have also been really really low in a kind irrational hormonal way since we stopped and a few friends warned me about this - similar to baby blues with all the hormones leaving after you give birth. I hope it will pass. Just a heads up.

I think at this stage your supply could easily survive a weekend off, if you did want to continue - I am not too sure from your post. If not, well done and be nice to yourself. There are still lots of cuddles...

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