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4 month old likes only preferred (right) boob

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capulet7 Sun 11-May-14 17:22:53

Hi, I have a 4 month old who likes to feed from the right boob. When I get her into position for the left she starts crying. It isn't an ear infection, there is nothing wrong with her arms where I hold her. If I then turn hold her in the way I'd do for the right boob, but feed from the left, she is fine! It is getting difficult for me to feed her properly, esp. when no feeding pillow is available. Anyone come across this before? Thanks so much!

eagle2010 Sun 11-May-14 20:30:27

DS (7.5mo) has been feeding only from my right boob for about 2 months now. From about 4mo, he just wouldn't feed well from the left and eventually he wouldn't even suck from the left either.

We're doing fine with unaboob feeding - he's still gaining weight and getting on great in general.

My right boob is significantly bigger than the left tho!!! I pump from the left every morning to use the EBM for his porridge and in some of his other meals.

I did talk to LLL about this and they suggested cranial osteopathy but DH and I weren't keen on that. Personally I think that the right always flowed faster than the left and now DS is bigger he prefers that.

There was a thread about this a while ago too and it's pretty common so I wouldn't worry unnecessarily. Continue to offer the left too and see how it goes.

ArtFine Sun 11-May-14 20:58:25

I only feed from right side too. Left side has always been more painful for me, and is now empty. I decreased feeds from it really slowly and very unconsciously, but now I don't use it all. The right side is three times bigger shock

capulet7 Mon 12-May-14 08:21:08

thanks a lot for your input eagle2010 and ArtFine. I noticed that my left flows very fast and somehow the milk sprays in a different direction. My LO started choking a few times feeding on her non-preferred side because it may have been uncontrollable. Maybe because it is of this memory... Anyways, good to know it isn't a big deal!!!

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