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16 weeks, weaning advised due to poor weight gain...but now prescribed Infatrini...

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MissRatty Sun 23-Mar-14 14:17:29

So...LO is still not gaining weight sufficiently to maintain a centile, and has gone from 25th to 0.4. He's 16 weeks and I was horrified to be told by the HV to wean him early (starting from now) to get him to gain weight.

We have literally tried everything. He's mix fed, mainly BF. I wasn't happy to accept this, so booked an appointment with the GP the following day...who said "see how the weaning goes and then come back to us". I said that I was under the impression that the first foods to try to wean with were lower calorie than milk, and that I was not happy about the advice. The GP responded "I'd never thought about it, but yes, fruit and vegetable purees would have less calories".

Anyway, I demanded to be referred as I said that I wanted to make sure there were no underlying issues prior to weaning, and I also asked for higher calorie formula for topping up, as we just use Aptamil. The GP had never heard of it, but spoke to paeds and okayed it with them and has given us Infatrini.

Now, given this, I assume that weaning can be delayed until we see what his weight gain is in two week's time...I'm not keen to wean due to him still having the tongue reflex where he spits everything out, not sitting upright independently and he just doesn't seem ready.

However, when we do start to wean, are there foods and meals which are healthy but high calorie? I.e. Not ones where we just add butter to everything!

Anyone else have similar experiences/stories? Did their LO gain when weaned or did this not help at all? Do you think I'm wise to try to delay weaning (only until about five/six months, as I don't feel he's quite ready yet, and I'd like him to gain a bit more before we start introducing foods which may take up valuable space where milkies could be).

Chottie Sun 23-Mar-14 14:22:24

I don't want to worry or alarm you unnecessarily, but I would urge you to get a paed's appointment asap. Your LO has dropped a lot of weight. If you can't get an appointment quickly, go to A&E and get referred that way. A very unMN hug { } from one mother to another.

TheScience Sun 23-Mar-14 15:00:11

The OP hasn't said her baby has dropped any weight, just that they have dropped centiles so slow weight gain - is that right OP?

I would also ask for a referral to a paed since your baby has crossed two centile lines though, especially as your GP doesn't seem exactly knowledgable in this area.

MissRatty Sun 23-Mar-14 15:03:42

He has dropped that in fourteen weeks not in a short space of time (sorry, I should have mentioned that!)...

We have a pead referral, so should be seeing them in a few weeks x

MissRatty Sun 23-Mar-14 15:08:36

...that's right TheScience, he is gaining, but slowly, hence a drop in centiles. He was 25th at birth, regained his birth weight in five days (so good gain then!), but then dropped to ninth, then second, then 0.4 since birth weight was regained. He was 6lb 9oz when born, so not a huge baby, but not small either...

TheScience Sun 23-Mar-14 15:13:27

Was he checked for a tongue-tie? Presume you're already doing switch feeding, breast compressions etc?

Hopefully the new formula will help and the paed can give you some answers.

I agree that there doesn't seem much point in weaning early as you can only give low calorie foods until 6 months anyway.

MissRatty Sun 23-Mar-14 15:45:11

Oh gosh, yes he was checked a number of times. He had poor latch to begin with, but when he hit 13 weeks it improved as his mouth was just bigger.

We have seen BF counsellors, a lactation consultant, been to BF clinic. We tried exclusive BF, then with EBM top ups, then formula top ups, only formula for a week (as medication I'm on may affect weight gain in BF babies, so I expressed when FF for this period). Now mix feeding him.

We've done switch nursing, compressions, feeding from one boob only (for "hindmilk" whilst expressing on the other), I've tried fenugreek (but stopped as I stank on it!), eaten oats for Britain, breast massage, all the positions under the sun...tried feeding more frequently but he just did that reverse cycling and snacked but was never satisfied, tried leaving it longer to see if he'd take more at each feed, waking him for feeds, dream feeds, babymoons, you name it, we've had a bash at it.

He did have reflux, but that has been well managed for about 8 weeks now and he rarely spits we hoped he'd improve then, but still gained only 3.5-4oz a week.

He has always had quite a small appetite. Well, I think so. You can't tell when he's boob feeding (that would be awesome!), but from a bottle he'll usually take 2-3 oz at a time, but maybe have one "big" 4oz feed in the afternoon.

Superworm Sun 23-Mar-14 23:00:08

How is he generally?

DS had weight gain issues due to allergies. It's a common side effect. He had other symptoms though, poor appetite, farty, poor sleeper, reflux, green poo and was quite mucousy sounding.

We were advised to wean early but didn't as I'm a coeliac and didn't want to take the risk. Pleased you have a pead appointment. Our pead has been very helpful.

MissRatty Mon 24-Mar-14 05:43:14

Generally he is ok...meeting his milestones, jolly chap (when not hungry or tired!), etc. he is quite windy as well, but I guess the paed will look into any causes.

Did your LO gain afterwards?

tiktok Mon 24-Mar-14 10:20:47

MissRatty, wow, you have worked hard at challenging and making sure you got the best help. Weaning early onto fruit 'n' veg is not a good idea for a baby who is not gaining weight. It's well-established that early weaning can displace milk and for a small baby, this is clearly a poor strategy.

Infatrini is well-established as a higher-density formula for those babies who need it. It's not surprising the GP had not come across it, as it's not all that common outside hospital situations.

Can't remember if you have said, but an appointment with the dietitian either in the community or at the hospital outpatients, would help. He/she can help you select calorie dense solids for when the time comes. They include banana, avocado, dried fruits (though not great for teeth), toast and peanut butter (assuming no allergies).

Superworm Mon 24-Mar-14 10:22:39

Yep he dropped from the 25th to 0.4th over several months but came back up again within a year. He has an immune system problem too related to the allergies which added to it. I stressed a lot but he has always been a happy easy going little thing.

MissRatty Tue 25-Mar-14 11:46:05

It is such a stress isn't it...damn those red books! Invented to stress out parents ;-)

Superworm, good to hear your LO came back up again...reassuring!

Tiktok, I thought exactly that...when I diet I increase my fruit and veg intake to replace all the rubbish I eat...not that milk is rubbish obviously, but you can see that it is more nutritionally dense than pureed fruits and veg. He is being referred to a paediatrician, which should only take a few weeks. So we're using this Infatrini in place of the formula he would have and carrying on with the usual breastfeeds. Hopefully it will help his weight creep up.

I was in Waitrose studying the Ella's Kitchen and the likes, and have already got a mental list of the higher calorie ones to try when weaning does eventually take place.

Slongette Tue 25-Mar-14 14:54:25

Can I ask what bottles you're using and what size teats?

I only ask as my ff DS (20 weeks) was bumping along the 50th percentile and then dropped to the 9th over a period of 5 weeks.

He has reflux and was very colicy and never finished a feed until I changed his tommee tippee teats from size 1 to size 2 when he was about 2 months.

It was like I'd been starving my little boy - as soon as I changed teat sizes he was finishing feed most of the time! Also it got rid if the worst of his colic!! How bad did I feel!

Still does not finish every feed but does much better - now tracking the 25th percentile. But I still worry he's not putting on enough weight.

MissRatty Wed 26-Mar-14 06:29:43

Ah, that's interesting...he's on size 2...and was at two months. We have some size three teats so I'll give them a bash today.

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