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SlitheryAnne Sun 23-Feb-14 20:01:16

How do you stop them bloody rubbing when feeding? Dd has 2 at the bottom and her 4 top ones have come in at the same time and tonight I'm in agony. She has ripped her head to the side twice still with my nipple in and I've woken her up 3 times trying to get my nipple out of her mouth. It hurts most when she's dozing and lazy sucking.

I don't want to give up yet (she's nearly 11 months) but it hurts!

malteser17 Mon 24-Feb-14 09:19:31

Hi SlitheryAnne. You could try changing position and see if that helps. Most of the pain will be down to the latch position. When DS was younger I always fed him with his body across me as that was the most comfortable for both of us but now with the teeth (7 and counting) and him being bigger (he's nearly 1 now!) it's more comfortable to have him next to me and half lying, half sitting up as he feeds. Obviously if we're out and about in public then I still have him across me for discreteness but that's becoming rarer as I don't often have to feed in public these days.

My friend, a breast feeding support worker, said you could google for breast feeding positions for older children to get some ideas of what could work.

I hope you get it sorted as I can totally appreciate you don't want to give it up yet.

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