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Weaning cows milk intolerant 3yo

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Leviathan Sat 22-Feb-14 16:08:36

DS is hardly having any milk now, but I would really like him to stop completely - he wakes me up at 5am every morning for a feed (his only one apart from occasional bed time ones) and it's doing my head in. I tried negotiating him swapping this for a bed time one, but that doesn't work at 5am.

All the books I read say just to let them wean when they are ready but I want a better night's sleep.

Also he isn't great with cow's milk - gets an upset tummy (we spent all sorts of time with him off nursery when about 18mo as they kept sending him home with diarrhoea which he hasn't had since cutting out cows milk - I thought I would lose my job) but is ok with cheese and occasional ice creams etc. So, nutritionally, does he actually need the breast milk until a bit bigger? (if he's not having cow) He drinks soya and nut milks and eats cheese and egg so getting calcium, protein, iron etc.

Seems pretty healthy, though a bit of a fussy eater at home (apparently fine at nursery).

Any tips would be handy , or just someone saying, "yeah my DC finally stopped at 3 1/2, no probs" etc!

addictedtosugar Sat 22-Feb-14 19:36:00

Nope. Most of SE Asia don't understand our European obession with cows milk.
He'll be fine. Just look for none dairy calcium options - canned fish is great. There are loads of others out there.

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