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3wo not regained birth weight - problem?

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ZenNudist Tue 18-Feb-14 21:10:14

He was 9lb 7 oz (91st centile) at birth. Lost 10% & still not regained.

I went to have him checked for tongue tie. The clinic that does it all the time said he has 'very slight posterior TT but he is able to move his tongue normally and therefore they would not treat it'.

I went to TT clinic today before having him weighed and has previous weight gain has been a good one. Today he has barely gained weight so I'm concerned something still wrong with his latch.

He looks to be feeding ok now. Not faffing around not latching like he did in weeks 1 -2. My nipples have healed & it doesn't hurt much even if he does chew on the end rather than suck properly.

He doesn't seem as hungry as his brother was. Still has lots of wet & dirty nappies.

Confused and hmm. Do I try and get hospital to treat TT after all? I'm not sure it would be a ticket to better feeding anyway?

Now think I made mistake letting TT clinic fob me off.

Ithinkwerealonenow Tue 18-Feb-14 21:18:00

I think if you are at all concerned then you should persist with getting referrals until you are happy.

Fwiw dd2 had her tt snipped at 6 weeks (we did it privately as didn't want to wait another 8 weeks or more, which is what the hv quoted). It was such a minor procedure, she cried more when dd1 pulled her hair! I believe (not a medical opinion!), from the research I did, that it is worth doing in any case to prevent future feeding problems, or possible speech problems. To get it snipped when they are older is no longer a minor procedure unfortunately.

Superworm Tue 18-Feb-14 23:38:41

If he is chewing and nipple feeding and hasn't regained weight I would ask a few more questions.

He is still very little. Sometimes TT can take a while to come out as a problem, especially if you have a high pain threshold or are on lots of analgesia post birth.

stickybean Tue 18-Feb-14 23:48:46

Are you on Facebook? If so join the Tongue Tie Babies Support Group for a wealth of information.
My baby also didn't get back to birth weight for over three weeks. Everyone was telling me his tongue was fine because he could move it.

I really felt otherwise having successfully breastfed my other children I knew there was something going on.
Turns out he had a posterior TT and an upper lip tie. I had to express to get his weight up.
We had his tongue revised by laser in the end.
I would look a bit further into the TT if I were you. Good luck smile

Tulip2013 Wed 19-Feb-14 06:57:03

If it helps my LO was checked for TT by 8 different people. Then assistant Health Visitor said there was slight PTT and referred me. I was in agony and weight gain was v slow. At TT clinic I was told it was only slight but given I was in pain she was willing to do snip, but after doing it she admitted there was 'more resistance there than it looks'. Baby able to poke tongue out for first time that day and feeding improved over next two weeks. Now like a different baby. If weight gain an issue I would pursue with TT but also get bf counsellor to help with latch

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