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How to give formula/ebm in a cup. Advice needed on practicalities.

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flyingelephants Sun 09-Feb-14 15:48:01

Ds2 (6months) is refusing to breast feed in the day at the moment. Has been a bit of a nightmare as he wouldn't feed from cup or bottle, my milk supply has dropped due to him not feeding and he was getting very hungry and frustrated and not sleeping. He has suddenly got the hang of a cup which is great, and, as I am going back to work soon it seems easier just to do what he wants rather than fighting to get him to breast feed. Also he is only waking once at night now he is taking milk in the day again which is great.

I am expresing some but not enough and I'm happy for him to have formula if needed but I've never used formula (Ds1 was always breast fed.) Do I need to sterilise the cup? I will give ebm when I have it but can I take it when going out (is it ok out of the fridge) and how do you heat it when out (he wont take it cold.) Do you have to make formula fresh each time (seems like a faff!) and how do you do that when out? Sorry for all the questions, it seem very complicated! Thanks.

leedy Mon 10-Feb-14 16:54:59

Never did formula but DS2 gets EBM in a cup in nursery, I just send the wee bottle of milk with his cup in a little insulated cooler bag, I'm sure it'd be fine for longer than the trip to nursery especially if I stuck one of those freezer blocks in with it. Haven't sterilized the cup since 6 months though I do run it through the dishwasher. I've always just heated it up by putting the bottle in a cup of warm/hot water.

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