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Oh, are you feeding her AGAIN?

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KikiShack Thu 26-Dec-13 20:19:25

At in laws for Xmas.
'are you feeding her again already'?
'no wonder she makes so many nappies you put so much in the top end' (5th of the day at 8pm)
'leave her be' (while on Mil lap frantically chewing her hands, sticking tongue out and crying)
'why don't you try her on some baby rice to fill the gap?'

DD is 11 weeks old and EBF. Yes she is very big (17lbs or more by now) but she is fed ON DEMAND, and she's my baby and I judge when she's hungry. No a cuddle with grandad is not more important than DD knowing her mum will answer her needs.
And I have oversupply and need to feed little and often as she can't cope with milk from an engorged breast.
FFS, DPIL want me to feed for 5 mins about every 4 hours!!

DD feeds for about 2hrs 45 each day, feeds normally 10 mins and about once every 90 mins. (bit more in day, big one before bed then goes 3-5 hour bursts at night).

Anyone else feeling judged at xmas?

junemami Thu 26-Dec-13 20:25:46

Sounds like you're doing great. Ignore the comments, don't engage with them,, you don't need to justify how you feed your baby! Just don't bite your tongue too hard grin

ouryve Thu 26-Dec-13 20:26:22

DPIL come from a time when babies were fed to a schedule, and breast feeding was sneered at by many as unnecessary (and probably failed for many of those who tried because supply wasn't established)

It's hard, but ignore them.

bluebell234 Thu 26-Dec-13 20:30:19

she is saying like that because she is after your help, if you spend less time on feeding you will have more time to help her, you will be more available.

KikiShack Thu 26-Dec-13 20:33:25


goodbyeyellowbrickroad Thu 26-Dec-13 20:35:34

Ignore, ignore, ignore! You're doing a great job. What has your DP/DH said to his DPs?

bluebell234 Thu 26-Dec-13 20:39:33

I meant I am with you KikiShack, ignore her.

NumNumChristmasPudInMyTum Thu 26-Dec-13 20:43:06

Yes,was just about to start a thread when I saw yours. Different in that my son is 13 months old and eats three small meals a day, but he still needs and more importantly, wants to breastfeed mid morning, late afternoon and in the evening. I have had more than enough comments about it. Apparently I can sort out his feeding and sleeping issues in a week, it's just like training a puppy.

satsumagirl Thu 26-Dec-13 20:49:06

You are doing ace work with the breastfeeding. Looks like you know exactly what your baby needs and have got a great pattern going on grin. Ignore the in laws and eat more Christmas cake!

StarsUponThars Thu 26-Dec-13 20:49:20

Gah, I remember this.

I wish I'd said 'Yes, fuck off because he's a baby. Would you rather that I didn't feed your grandson when he needs to be fed?'.

Honestly, I'm sure that most people can't even remember what they did when their babies were little.

KikiShack Thu 26-Dec-13 20:49:40

you might be right bluebell!! DP and I have decided that since I've been run ragged for the last 11 weeks I'm allowed to put my feet up and have people wait on me. DPIL are you passive aggressive to say anything directly disapproving, and we are at SILs so there are 5 adults to share the non-bfing tasks. I am enjoying my lovely holiday and will send SIL flowers to thank her for spoiling me as she has been genuinely lovely.
Thankfully DP has agreed to have a quiet word with his parents and tell them to butt out. I'm very lucky...

YokoUhOh Thu 26-Dec-13 20:52:59

I had the exact same problem with PILs. Am dreading visiting them tomorrow as I know they'll object to me still bfeeding 13mo DS. I think we're just too earth-mother-ish for that generation (in their eyes; obviously we know we're doing exactly the right thing!). OP, make sure your DH backs you up!

YokoUhOh Thu 26-Dec-13 20:54:28

Ah, x-posted! Well done your DH! smile

Sunnysummer Thu 26-Dec-13 20:55:17

Ask them how often they've been eating and drinking over the course of the day... Bet it's more than 5 times! People forget how much feeding is needed, best to ignore, but it sucks in the meantime hmm

booface Thu 26-Dec-13 20:57:13

Oh I do feel for you. My grand mother in law used to say the exact same thing, as she drank a hot cup of tea over my baby's head saying "I had six children and they never came to any harm" . I feel your pain and this was a good few years ago.

Grit your teeth and hang in there!

ToffeeWhirl Thu 26-Dec-13 21:04:34

Oh, I remember this happening to me too. Your in laws don't know what they're talking about, but I doubt that they'll listen to you if you try to tell them. Just do your best to ignore them. And good for DH to have a quiet word.

I remember my stepmum (who never had children of her own) saying, "Let him cry!" when my newborn baby started crying for food. Luckily, I had the HV with me at the time and she said sternly, "That baby's hungry!" and gave him to me. Stepmum shut up. (She still thinks she is an expert on childrearing though hmm).

And yes, of course you are allowed to 'put your feet up'. Looking after a baby is really hard work. Congratulations on your new baby, by the way [broody emoticon] [but relieved the sleepless nights are behind me emoticon].

WhateverLove Thu 26-Dec-13 21:42:13

Massively judged, not just at Christmas! I feel your pain xx

callamia Thu 26-Dec-13 21:51:25

I'm currently in bed with my frantically cluster feeding eleven week old (typing left handed). My parents in law haven't really said anything about my son's love of feeding, but I think they think I'm a bit of a martyr to it (MiL formula fed her babies, and her daughter the same).

I'm not bothered, we all operate a live and let live policy, but I'm sure they think that I'm spoiling him or making my own life hard or something. I'm not, of course, it's quite nice to spend a hour or so in bed eating trifle smile

Congrats too on your epic baby! Mine is around 15lbs, and that seems yo be a great source of joy to everyone (no wonder he's so chubby etc etc). Happy Christmas!

BocaDeTrucha Thu 26-Dec-13 22:41:25

Oh yep, i just kept getting the "what time is his next feed?" question from Mil. "when he's hungry" was my reply each time.

Sid77 Thu 26-Dec-13 23:07:54

Fil - how long is he going between feeds now Sid?
Sid - well, as long as he wants really!
Fil - puzzled expression confused

KikiShack Thu 26-Dec-13 23:59:45

Good to know others feel my pain! Congrats on your babies, it's magical to have a new baby at Christmas but this is a definite downside I hadn't anticipated.
With DD in an unknown house with bright twinkly lights, unfamiliar faces, smells and noises, two dogs peering into and even licking her face occasionally, plus sleeping in an unfamiliar travel cot in a new room at a different temperature from normal I'm amazed she will leave my arms at all or do any sleeping! What a huge upheaval for her.
I'm really glad we brought her playmat and have some kind of a bedtime routine with the same songs etc so she has a few familiar things to keep her happy.

SpoonfulOfJam Fri 27-Dec-13 12:53:17

Aargh... visiting relatives yesterday, the aunt (by marriage) who thought she could soothe my screaming baby by shoving a dummy in his mouth rather than letting me feed him. telling me I should put him on hungry baby formula rather than breast milk.

Ohhnoooo Fri 27-Dec-13 14:05:13

I could have written this. Same here. In laws are visiting. I'm feeding my seven week old on demand. This is the killer though, she is gaining weight rapidly and feeds very well but because they can't share in feeding it has been suggested that perhaps my milk isn't enough ( as shock horror she sometimes cries) and I should introduce formula!!? I may well do in the future as I am not that evangelical about EBF but for them to suggest it at this stage for no reason is just shocking!!! Fortunately DH has my back...

My mother was the same also. Amazing how every family member not only has an opinion but has to give it without being asked!

Sunflower1985 Sat 28-Dec-13 02:30:35

Argh, every time I fed ds over Xmas BIL had to make a comment. This whole 'when is he due a feed' thing over and over again. Demand feeding seems so natural, be it bf or ff, yet seems to confound so many people.

BetterWithCranberryWensleydale Sat 28-Dec-13 03:26:26

My MIL said some sky things when my DS was very young - for example she had him and he started fussing, I said "I think he's hungry" she said to him "noooo, you never get a chance to be hungry, do you" while walking away from me. I found this very passive-aggressive as she didn't say it to me directly. He was hungry though and she did concede this pretty quickly when he wouldn't settle for her. It's weird though as she did BF all her children confused.

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