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Advice please- what milk should 2 day a week CM be giving my 15 mo baby?

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Parttimelover Sun 22-Sep-13 09:26:14


Sorry for the long post...

Am happily BFing my 15 mo on demand alongside her meals at the mo. Finally have found a PT job after months of looking. I have to start work very soon (ten days time) with two consecutive office days per week. Planning to continue as long as DD wants with BF in general and on the two office days with offering the BF overnight and morning. Co-sleeping btw.

DD will be with childminder 8am- 6pm. Childminder says I need to bring in milk and a bottle for the baby, for her to give after their lunch to get her ready for lunchtime nap. Was in such a tizz about the prospect of handing over the baby at all I didn't remember to ask her what she actually meant. What milk is this I should bring? Cows? Follow on? Expressed breast (but will that bring back all my crazy oversupply issues?) And what kind of bottle?

DD still gets a bit of silent reflux back arching etc at night so likes to BF a lot for comfort hence the cosleeping has been easiest way to cope with that and get enough sleep. She naps in day with me holding her uprightish or in pushchair if we're out and about. I am worried how she will cope trying to kip down in a cot at CM's after lunch after the bottle- or will it be fine? Don't know if this is something she will be able to adapt to.

Sorry if I am asking seriously dumb questions I just feel in a huge flap, as I am under pressure to start work so abruptly and having luckily managed to sort the office days' childcare at short notice, I don't know what I should be doing re daytime milk, when I am only going to be away from DD two days a week. (the other days will be worked from home with informal care at my mum's so I can see her as and when for a BF and will try to continue as before in general). Any advice gratefully received....

DanglingChillis Mon 23-Sep-13 21:41:40

Cows milk in a cup unless allergic or vegan. All three of mine have not had bottles introduced when they started nursery at younger ages than yours (but over 6 months), they went straight to cups of EBM and then on cows milk once over a year. Nursery has always managed to get them to sleep, I've told them I FTS but they cuddle or rock in a rocking chair or whatever is necessary, just like DH does when he's at home with the baby.

Parttimelover Wed 25-Sep-13 23:40:40

Thank you so much for your replies which have been very reassuring. I feel less flappy now. Saying that, we are still just at the settling stage and my PFB DD has not as yet stayed with CM for lunchtime plus sleep, or gone the full day yet without me so I still have baited breath until we've cracked those. But I really appreciate the advice and sharing of your experiences though, thank you. flowers

Parttimelover Wed 16-Oct-13 07:45:06

Just wanted to update as I really appreciated the advice on here. I found a different childminder in the end who seemed to be more flexible in her approach. My baby eats plenty of food at meantimes with CM in the day and then bfs with me at pick up and overnight. Still cosleeping. She has slept during the day at CM in a cot with just some patting and attention from CM which she would not do at home. She seems very happy at the CMs and has very active days there which I am sure helps tire her out. So no bottle seems to have been needed to be begun and getting her to sleep less of an issue than I thought it would be. Thanks everyone for posting when I was really getting in a flap about it.

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