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Baby feedin all night (it seems) suddenly at 7 months

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Twattybollocks Mon 09-Sep-13 08:25:21

Baby has always been a reasonably good sleeper, down to 2 feeds (11pm and 3am) at 10 weeks, 14 weeks she went to 1 feed. Turned 7 months a couple of weeks ago and its all gone to pot. She would have the odd bad night when she wanted several feeds, but the last week its been 6+ times a night, won't settle anywhere but in bed right next to me, and I'm shredded. Tell me this will improve? Could it be teething/illness? She's not ill but a bit snotty. Fine through the day tho and eating and feeding normally

PicnicPie Mon 09-Sep-13 08:45:49

My DD is 8 months and the same happened with us. She was waking every two hours. I was going crazy. It did coincide with her cutting her first tooth and mastering and perfecting her crawling. It lasted about 2 weeks. And all of a sudden she has a new sleep routine, where she sleeps solidly from 7pm to 7am and wakes once at about midnight for a feed. So it may have something to do with the massive developmental changes that baby's have at this sort if age. Fingers crossed it gets better and she resumes her normal sleep pattern soon.

PicnicPie Mon 09-Sep-13 08:49:30

Babies. Not baby's. Doh!

Twattybollocks Mon 09-Sep-13 09:08:10

Oh thank god there is hope! She has just started trying to crawl this week, so maybe it is that. She has also just started clapping and waving in the last couple of days. Did you just go with the flow with the feeding and wanting to be in bed or did you keep trying to put her back in the cot? I confess I am very weak and take the path of least resistance as I have 2 older dc and no partner around to help!

PicnicPie Mon 09-Sep-13 09:34:14

I just went with it really, hoping that it would get better. Yep and feeding, feeding, feeding. Sometimes I would just hold her whilst she slept. It was very difficult.

I had heard of sleep regressions and development phases so I knew something was up just from the way she was trying to crawl every time I would put her in the cot, or when she would wake up. Especially as during the day she was happy and contented. So I knew it wasn't illness etc.

I only have her so it was ok for me to just go with e flow, but I'm not sure how I'd manage in your situation. I do feel for you. I would take path of least resistance and just try to continue on with minimal disturbance to her routine in hope that she settles back again quickly.

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