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Unable to express but need to go out at bedtime, help!

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peanutMD Thu 18-Jul-13 13:26:48

I promised DS I would take him to the circus this evening at 5pm (awful timing but tickets are bought now) which means DP is at home with 4 month old BF DD.

I thought I've be able to express as I have done before but no matter how much i've tried this week I've got a measly 3oz in total which won't be enough and i'm worried she'll get herself into a state sad

I do have 2 emergency cartons of Aptimal in the cupboard but i'm worried that giving her it (she's never had) might muck up breastfeeding somehow!

I'll be gone fir about 4 hours from 4.30 - 8.30, she normally feeds quite a bit between 4 and 6.30 and bed is at 7.30. Any tips?

mawbroon Thu 18-Jul-13 13:49:49

If it were me, I would take her along in a sling and feed on the go.

The circus would probably be wanting her to have a ticket though...

AidanTheRevengeNinja Thu 18-Jul-13 13:55:57

Try breast compressions while you express - really "milk" the breast from base to nipple.

A couple of cartons of formula as a one-off won't muck up breastfeeding at this stage in terms of supply etc. The only risk is she might not accept it if she is not used to the taste (and also if you subscribe to that virgin gut theory...)

Are you sure she will take a bottle? Sorry to add another thing to stress about but my DS now refuses them despite taking them early on.

Worst case scenario, she won't starve between 4.30 and 8.30. Can your DP bring her to you if things get really desperate? Or drive her around to get her to settle if she likes that? or go to the circus instead of you although I know that sucks

peanutMD Thu 18-Jul-13 14:02:05

I did think about that but we're getting a lift there and back with my mum and the car is full so no space fir a car seat.

I've been feeding as much as humanly possible today and will feed just before DP takes over at 4.30 to minimize her hunger a bit.

I feel terrible more but can't let my DS down either fir the sake if a couple of ounces of formula, 1 or 2 feeds won't cause any harm with supply will it?

Sheshelob Thu 18-Jul-13 14:13:04

No, it won't. But I'd give it a trial run before you leave in case she won't take it. It is heavier than BM and some babies don't like it.

Have you tried expressing while you are feeding on the boob you've finished feeding on, while she feeds from the other? You might get more when your let down is in full flow.

peanutMD Thu 18-Jul-13 14:17:06

Tried that today, I used to get 4oz easily at a sitting but my manual pump broke and electric just doesn't seen to work a well for me sad

I don't even know anyone who breast feeds to borrow a pump from!


Sheshelob Thu 18-Jul-13 14:27:59

Manual pumps are really cheap a d sold in Boots. Could you pop out and get one/get your DH to bring you one home?

peanutMD Thu 18-Jul-13 23:56:38

Well in the end I just went for it and enjoyed the Circus with DS smile

Fed DD in cafe across the road, DP picked her up and she took the EBM followed by 4 ounces of formula quite happily before bed as usual. A little bit gutted I've given in and used formula but my DS was fully FF and never did him any harm and i'm reckoning its mitt so bad in the grand scheme of things as a one off.

It was lovely to have some time just DS and I smile

mawbroon Thu 18-Jul-13 23:57:17

Glad it worked out for you smile

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