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Switching from Medela calma to regular teat?

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u32ng Mon 29-Apr-13 22:12:04

I'm currently ff 3mth DS with medela calma teats as I had bf probs at the start & was hoping to get him back on the breast eventually. Anyway it didn't happen & now I'm thinking about switching to a regular teat because a) they're expensive teats! And b) DS would likely suck the bottle dry in 5mins flat if I didn't enforce regular breaks (which unsurprisingly he hates!!!) to eek out his feeds to 15/20mins.

So I thought switching to a regular teat would help lengthen feeds & he might be a bit happier at not getting the teat pulled out his mouth all the time.

However, as the sucking style is quite different for the calma I'm worried he'll choke/not know what to do with/not like a regular teat.

Has anyone made this kind of teat switch before?

ExBrightonBell Tue 30-Apr-13 00:21:46

Won't the feeds be quicker with a regular teat? As he will be able to get milk out quicker than with the Calma? As I understand it, the Calma ones work by the baby having to suck as they would on the breast - the milk stops if they pause, just like breastfeeding. A regular teat, the milk flows out all the time with very little effort from the baby. Or maybe I have misunderstood?

u32ng Tue 30-Apr-13 14:16:07

No you're spot on, but unfortunately DS has cottoned on for some time that if he sucks, out comes the milk...and he doesn't take ANY pauses!! He used to at the very beginning though sad

My MIL fed him for the first time a few weeks ago & 6oz disappeared in about 8mins despite us telling her to give him breaks. Surprise surprise he then spent the next hr throwing back up most of his feed! angry

So thinking a regular slow/medium flow teat would control the flow a bit more??

whatsoever Tue 30-Apr-13 16:59:40

Hi OP, we swapped from Medela calma to Avent classic slow flow (2 holes) & DS much preferred them. It will be personal preference though, DS just didn't like the calma teats much. Time for a feed reduced for us but only because he used to writhe & scream with the calma.

The newborn (1 hole) teats would definitely slow any baby down but could frustrate as they're so slow?

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