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Has anyone used nipple shields to helps BF baby take a bottle?

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abigboydidit Wed 24-Apr-13 15:58:29

Hi -

I posted before about how stressed and down I am feeling about feeding DD (12 weeks), despite planning to feed her for a year (as I did with DS). A lot of the problem is that I'm growing increasing uncomfortable feeding her in public as she struggles so much, and I end up having to pretty much dangle my boob in order for her to get immediate access. I know that I don't want to give up but at the same time I am feeling trapped - both in terms of being the only person who can feed her and because I don't like leaving the house if it means I need to feed her out and about. I have a 2 year old DS and feel he is starting to suffer because of it.

She had been very distressed when I tried her with Avent teats but accepted Nuk small hole latex ones. However, over the past week she wont drink from them at all. She will chew on them happily but either wont suck or when she does it's as if too much milk gets into her mouth, causing her to gag and need to burp and (understandably) she wont try again. I noticed that whereas the Nuk teats didn't used to drip milk when I first got them, they are now and think the fast flow is the problem.

So..onto plan B! A friend recommended a Medela bottle because of the need to suck and has offered to give me a loan of one as they are pricey. The problem is that DD really doesn't seem to like the latex teats at all and I can't see her taking it. My friend suggested using nipple shields for a while to help her get used to the taste and feel. Has anyone tried this?

Thanks in advance.

abigboydidit Wed 24-Apr-13 21:09:46

Hmm.. Am guessing that's a no then!

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