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BF and eczema on boobs - PLEASE help!!

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mrsbray Mon 15-May-06 22:07:53

Hello, I've been bf'ing my ds for 6 months now, and have had real trouble with my skin since he was born - I get eczema on my breasts, hands an inner arms (I have never had eczema before and MY GOD it itches!!!! It makes feeding hell as my boobs are all cracked and sore and rank (sorry if this is OTT) and only steriod creams sorted it out - which are strong and I want to stop taking them asap. My Q is - has anyone else got eczema since their babies were born, and how did you get rid of it - I never see this in the baby magazines, but my best friend who also has a young baby also has eczema, but on her legs, so it cant be that unusual a side effect of giving birth.
Anyhow, it is driving me nuts, so can anyone help?

PrettyCandles Mon 15-May-06 22:23:27

Have you tried antihistamines? Pregnancy can change your skin, and it could be that you are now allergic to something.

Since dd was born I have become allergic to either (or both of) the washing powder or fabric conditioner that I used for many many years. Recently I took a pair of jeans out of storage and wore them without thinking to wash them first. Obviously they had been washed in the 'old' stuff, and within a couple of hours I was scratching. But the penny didn't drop until the following day, by which time I was rashy and the eczema was starting. If I don't treat the source of the rash (ie remove it) and take antihistamines then the rash turns into eczema - and I do agree it itches.

Also, try something really bland to soothe the skin - eg Aqueous, Oilatum, Aveeno. And bath, if possible, in water with oats in it. Put a generous handful of porridge oats in a piece of tights and swish it around in the bathwater and squeeze it to release the soothing gunk. Don't use any other products in the bath.


Emma7 Tue 16-May-06 11:30:21

I had a bit of eczema before I got pregnant (on my hand) and got it under control with Betnovate and Fucibet (both v.strong prescription creams). Once under control I can moisturise with E45 cream. During pregnancy had a bad flare up and couldn't use my creams so just had to put up with it (weepy, bleeding and very rank !!) When I had her it went away for 2 days and then got even worse. Went to GP and she said I could use my normal creams but only for a few days - 3 days later and it's back under control for the first time in months - yipee.

My experience of eczema is that everyone has their 'magic' cream that works for them and you have to try quite a few before you find it usually. Also I think hormones have a big part to play and food. I avoid oranges, cheese, cream, milk where possible. When I had it on my boobs it was fucibet that sorted it out (within a day it was better) go and see your GP - you don't need to suffer and I know it can really get you down.

PrettyCandles Tue 16-May-06 21:20:35

I think Benadryl cream is safe during bfing - it's an over-the-counter antihistamine cream.

BetsyBoop Wed 17-May-06 12:24:38

I still has some Lansinoh Lanolin left from treating cracked nipples in the early days & when my ezcema flared up I tried that & it calmed it down great & it's (obviously !) perflectly safe whilst breastfeeding

suzi2 Thu 18-May-06 08:50:15

No answers but I'm the same. My eczema (which was always bad anyway) is a complete mess since having DS. I can only assume it's because I'm run down with weird hormones. If it's weeping though you should get a cream with an antibiotic in it as it's possibly infected.

The best general moisturiser I've found is Pure Shea Butter from Although it's messy! I'm allergic to pretty much everything else out there as is DS.

OxyMoron Thu 18-May-06 08:58:22


I've always had excema, but it has been worse recently (dd is 2), and is such a pain on my boobs atm!

Anyway, one thing no-one's mentioned yet is that it may be dietry? I just wondered as you've never had it before. Maybe you've got a bit depleted. How about a good omega 3 supplement. Solgar's DHA is the one I use (note to self, must get some more ...)
May not be the answer, but can't hurt.

sassy Thu 18-May-06 09:01:33

I had eczema on my boobs while bfing. LIke you I was prescribed steroid creams which worked but I tried not to use them for the dd's sake.

Washable breast pads DID help - I think they were more breathable than disposable ones. (They did look funny pegged on the washing line though!)

williamsmummy Fri 19-May-06 14:18:34

air the nipples if you can.
If you are at home, let them hang out to dry rather than popping them back in to bra a bit damp.
BTW ALWAYS REMEMBER TO POP THEM BACK IN BEFORE YOU OPEN THE DOOR TO THE MILKMAN..............UNLESS YOU HAVE A CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM!!! ( I cancelled my milk soon after my brief exposure...........supermarket milk was cheaper and less embarressing.

Also try not to let soap or shampoos go over boobs and this drys the skin further.

hope this helps

Roo77 Fri 19-May-06 14:26:23

this may help

dream cream

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