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Breasts suddenly starting to be engorged again

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Caitycat Fri 19-Apr-13 09:14:48

Dd is now 8mo established on solids and feeding 1st thing, around 2pm, last thing before bed and twice through the night. For the last three days my right breast has been painfully engorged and I have had to express to release the pressure. No problems with the left though. Does anyone have any idea why this would suddenly start to happen and what I can do about it? Should I just keep expressing when it happens and hope it goes away?

BedHanger Fri 19-Apr-13 09:21:59

When I had this it was a combination of DS starting to take less (due to taking more solids) and being a slightly lopsided feeder with a preference for one breast over the other.

It lasted a few days until my supply adjusted downwards. I didn't express though, and with hindsight that wasn't a great idea as I got mastitis!

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