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Coming off comfort milk

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nezzynic Fri 08-Mar-13 05:11:17

My hv has advised that my 6mo ds comes off comfort milk and back on to first stage milk to help with a few probs he has been having recently. I tried swapping his milk a few months ago and it didn't go down well cos I don't think his body was ready, he became colicky again and was very distressed with tummy ache. Just need some reassurance from peeps really that they eventually can cope without the comfort milk!! I'm quite nervous about the change over cos I would hate to have to put him through that pain again!!
TIA smile xxx

ilovepowerhoop Fri 08-Mar-13 11:18:04

could you not just try the odd bottle here and there of the first milk rather than switching over in one go. It would give his system a chance to get used to the new milk gradually. Is the comfort milk not suitable up to 1 year anyway so he could stay on it if it helps him be more settled?

Whydobabiescry Fri 08-Mar-13 11:22:00

I switched my 7 mo daughter from comfort milk when you couldn't get it a few weeks back, I opted for the 6 month + milk (its the same as first stage but you get points on it). I just switched her over and she's been fine. The general rule when switching is to just do it, don't mess around with a bit of one and a bit of another, or mixing them together etc.

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