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Can you go from 50/50 mix feeding at 10 weeks to ebf?

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luanmahi Mon 04-Mar-13 11:59:53

Definitely. I was feeding 50/50 for the first 7 weeks due to a variety of feeding issues but eventually managed to get completely onto breast milk. It only takes a couple of days for your milk supply to adjust. You can try pumping after each feed to get a couple of extra fl oz and also increasing the amount you eat and drink a little bit works too. I had a bagel after my cereal each morning to up my calorie intake and also poured myself a large glass of cordial each time I fed her and it worked like a dream. Weaning myself off the extra food once I started trying to lose the baby weight was another issue entirely though... wink

oscarwilde Mon 04-Mar-13 11:47:50

Take a look at it's really useful. Be prepared to do nothing but feed and pump though for a week or two.

MsElisaDay Sat 02-Mar-13 16:15:34

yes, you can!
Due to poor weight gain (he didn't get back to birth weight til day 27), we topped up with formula from DS being four weeks old.
However, we managed to transfer to ebf at 10 weeks.
I upped my supply by pumping every 3 hours - including through the night - putting him to the breast whenever he seemed even vaguely interested in food, and also taking a fenugreek supplement.
DS is now 18 weeks, ebf and gaining weight brilliantly. I now love bfing and our horrifically tricky start seems far behind us.

GizzyBoo Sat 02-Mar-13 15:56:34

Absolutely, there is a way back. We used formula top ups between 7-13 weeks (2 feeds a day) due to poor weight gain and other feeding issues. At 20 weeks DS is now EBF and feeding beautifully.
You will need to up your supply. I has issues with this and also getting ds to enjoy the breast. He would scream and pull away and refused to feed. I took to my bed with him for the best part of 4 days and gave him open access to the boobs (topless for most of it). Even if he wasn't feeding he would be in the crook of my arm or lying next to me and would "play" with them. Stroking, licking and mouthing at the nipple in a relaxed manner not only encouraged him to feed more frequently but it also helped stimulate my supply and improve his "relationship" with the boobs.
Eat well, drink lots, rest and offer the breast constantly. It will all help. Skin to skin is great too. Take a nice warm bath together then snuggle up in bed with just a nappy on.

I was so scared when we introduced the formula that my feeding days were numbered but we worked at it and now, dare I say it, its easy and I really enjoy it.

Good luck with what ever you decide x

Homophone Sat 02-Mar-13 14:25:47

Don't think I want to but am now thinking about it. How would I do it?

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