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teething and breastfeeding

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habhann Fri 22-Feb-13 20:53:17

My ds is 17 weeks. I think he is teething as he has a runny nose, drooling with cough. Its the cough I find a worry but gp has told me its from excessive saliva. He is breeding ok and is bright and alert. Will this fussiness last for long ..any advice

smile4me Sat 23-Feb-13 04:06:21

my DD pushed up 2 teeth at 20 weeks, no cough or runny nose. may have a cold? I would've thought that the occasional cough from extra saliva going the wrong way may be plausible, but not bouts of coughing???(I'm not a Dr though so unprofessional opinion there grin ). But a cold should only last a week or so. Teething.... we seemed to get bouts of it, fussy for a couple of days with teething symptoms, then fine for a week, but seems a bit more variable between babies.

habhann Sat 23-Feb-13 12:48:03

Thanks for reply. Ds does not have temperature but he is drooling and maybe cough comes from this

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