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Help! 9wo FF DS refusing to feed - how many missed feeds till I should really worry??

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DangerMousey Thu 07-Feb-13 18:37:48

DS is acting very weirdly today and seems totally out of sorts - he is going very long stretches between bottles and now is refusing to feed at all. He has not had a proper bottle now since 12.30pm, and it is now 6.30pm. I tried to feed him at 4pm and he just fussed and messed around with the teat a bit, eventually taking 2oz after about half an hour.

He is a big baby (over 13lb) and usually takes 6oz at each feed, 6 times every day.

The only thing I can think of is he had his 8 week jabs at lunchtime on Tuesday....could that be affecting him 48 hours later?

When should i get worried about this? He did have 5oz at 12.30pm so it's not like he hasnt eaten at all today...he did a poo which looked normal this afternoon, and is still wetting his nappies.

It's just very upsetting when he acts like we're poisoning him whenever we try to feed him sad

amyire Thu 07-Feb-13 21:14:06

aww i feel for you. hope you and babes are doing ok? ive an 8 week old and dont have any helpful advice but trust your instints your probably right. if it was me and i was worried id ring NHS direct

meganw Fri 08-Feb-13 09:15:28

Hi, just wanted to reassure you, as after my DD had her 8 week jabs she was fussy with her food for 3-4 days. I got really worried as she was just taking 2-3oz here and there, but within the week she picked up again. Don't fret - as long as he's got wet/dirty nappies and isn't eating nothing at all, then he'll pick up again in a couple of days. Just check he doesn't run a temperature x

smk84 Fri 08-Feb-13 14:13:29

hi danger, how did you get on last night and this morning. I have heard tha immunisations can irritate the gut, not sure how long after, but 48 hours would sound reasonable to me. I don't think. 6 hours without a feed seems too long, I think many babies this age can do a 6 hour stretch at some point in the day, if not longer, without a problem ( my ds1 was sleeping through by 10 weeks (ff) and at 9 weeks ds2 was doing 6 hours plus at night (bf) . I would personally go by how your baby seems... Alert, reasonably content, weeing. And if he doesn't seem well contact your gp or NHS direct. If you want to encourage him to feed anytime you could try skin to skin, or a darkened room, maybe try feeding in a different place or position....

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