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She bit me!

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Softlysoftly Wed 23-Jan-13 20:46:57

I didn't think I'd get past 8wks feeding DD2 (as I didn't manage with DD1), but here I find myself at nearly 8mnths still feeding and was planning on going until a year.

But she just got a tooth and she bit me!! Now I like bf, I do, but my Norks being mauled by a cheeky baby is a step too far.

So help before I take boobs off the menu!

melliebobs Wed 23-Jan-13 20:49:07

My dd got her first tooth at 6 months. After a few weeks she new to bite. But she'd bite when she was faffing. So one bite and we stopped. She soon got the jist. But obviously there was the odd mishap

Booboostoo Wed 23-Jan-13 22:07:37

I feel your pain!!! DD also bit me a few times when her first teeth came out and even now when she has knew teeth she catches me a bit before she learns to re-attach properly.

When she bites you use a finger to ease the latch, stop bf and place her down for a few minutes, then continue feeding. Hopefully she will soon learn that biting means no breast.

MumOfTheMoos Wed 23-Jan-13 22:10:12

Yes, my DS bit me once or twice when he got his first teeth through; just unlatch and after a while they'll work out how not to bite. My DS is 9.5mths and we're still going strong - didn't stop him biting my nose this morning though blush

OccamsRaiser Wed 30-Jan-13 23:51:58

Yep, agree with PP. my DS started biting when he wasn't really interested in feeding, or whenever a new tooth was just about to come through (or just arrived). I would tell him "no biting" in a firm but quiet voice (be careful to try not to yelp, even if it hurts like anything, as they can find it funny and try for a reaction!) and if he did it again, put him in his cot for a break. Fortunately, it only happened a handful of times. Hope your DD grows out of it quickly.

BrainGoneAwol Thu 31-Jan-13 03:30:43

I've recently posted about this as ds started biting, but is too young (5m) to understand most of the ways that are suggested to get him to step.

I can't help yelping. It feels like having a needle stuck in me and I'm not that tough. I honestly thought I'd have to stop bf (which I otherwise love so not a happy thought). He has more or less stopped after a few days of tears from both of us. Though he does still sort of 'test' with his tooth. I guess because it feels funny. I just have to trust he'll not bite and let him latch on.

Time and lanisol made it ok for me. Yelping and pushing his face into ny breast for a moment (obviously very briefly) helped tell him not to do it. I'm in early days though so would be wary of saying he has stopped for definite. hmm

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