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Night weaning and teething!

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finleymummy Thu 17-Jan-13 11:58:26

We areweaning our 15 mth old at the moment and he is doing rather well. He has just started a teething phase however, and is waking regularly at night. Hubby is going in to him but he is awake and wanting me for hours. I normally feed only once at the mo. How can I deal with this without ging back to me settling him and feeding all night?! Help please x

BettyStogs Thu 17-Jan-13 12:38:12

Good question, we have had a similar situation. DS was fully night weaned and sleeping through at around 13 months, then I started feeding at night again during a bout of teething. In our case I just carried on feeding at night even after he was over the teething issues until a couple of weeks ago when we night weaned him again. Only took a couple of nights of lots of crying and DH cuddling back to sleep. He's still waking at night now, but DH goes in and he goes back to sleep quite quickly. I am loving my full nights of sleep!

Will probably feed at night again if he has another bad teething bout, but will stop as soon as he's over it next time. Well that's the plan but sometimes its easier just to carry on!

Bf can be a real comfort for a teething baby, and if you go back to DH settling him once its over you may find that he settles without you.

finleymummy Thu 17-Jan-13 13:08:54

Thank you, a bfing supporter just offered the same advice too. She said offer the comfort, then sleep train after. Its a shame as DS just got used to one feed and after 1 night, he would quickly settle for hubby. Hopefully it will be quick 2nd time as you say. Thank you.

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