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How many poos a day?

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squidkid Thu 03-Jan-13 08:25:07

Thanks for your help! We have made the move to reusables for the new year. So far we have had one wee leak (but I think the nappies & inserts will get more absorbent after a few washes?) but even giant poos are fine. They look comfy and cute!
For now I am sticking with disposables overnight as boyfriend changes her at 5am with his eyes practically shut

I am keeping a tally of how many times I use them and once I make my money back every time I use one is money saved!!

I actually bought a bargain ebay lot - 20 nappies + 40 inserts for £40 - I figured that was such a good deal I'd give them a try before considering the pricier branded ones
They are lovely day-glo colours and fit nicely. They were dry almost before they came out the machine also so that's great.

Ironically since I posted the question she seems to have gone down to 3-4 poos a day which is a lot more manageable!

geekette Mon 31-Dec-12 22:57:32

By the way, I wouldn't get a great big stash of reusables in one go.

Get one or two of a few types and try them out first... Some can be rented for trial purposes. Can't remember which sites do that....

JollyOldChristmas Mon 31-Dec-12 22:51:43

DS continued to poo lots of times a day more than once a day until he was over 1. Now at 20mo 1 poo a day is normal. He's never gone more than about 36 hours despite being bf until last week.

A wide range fits into the normal category smile

geekette Mon 31-Dec-12 22:46:54

With reusables, I find it isn't the frequency of the poo which counts but it's volume...

If your lo poos that often you simply need a larger stash of nappies and a pretty large nappy bag smile

if she has frequent poonamis... I would stick with disposables to be honest. and that is only if the disposable holds it in. I found Naty's great for this. the others all seem a bit rubbish with what my lo is capable of producing.

AngelDog Mon 31-Dec-12 22:27:59

We use mostly washables and DS2 poos a few times a day. I don't find them any harder to deal with than disposables - in fact, disposables are more effort as they're more likely to leak onto clothes and you I have to find a bag to put them in whereas cloth get chucked in the bucket/laundry bag whether soiled or not.

DD2 is FF and poos once a day. I think shes in the minority. Shes almost 7 weeks.

AngelDog Sun 30-Dec-12 23:51:50

I've read that a poo per feed is a sign of a healthy bowel, although for many, frequency decreases with age.

Ihatepeas Sun 30-Dec-12 22:47:22

My little one is 7 weeks and up until 3 weeks pooed up to 10 times a day. The past few weeks she has pooed once every 4 days. Spoke to the hv who said either extreme is perfectly normal.
I have been working as a nanny for 15 years and can confirm they definatly poop more regularly as they get older and much less than 8 times a day!

squidkid Sun 30-Dec-12 20:51:36

I am EBF, sorry should have mentioned that
Does the frequency decrease as they get older?
I am weighing up whether to start with reusable nappies or not...

fannywetleg Sun 30-Dec-12 20:49:27

My DS used to have days when we would have several poo's (like 5- 8) and other days when he had none. At one stage he had none for two weeks - I EBF for 6 months and I think how you feed makes a difference. However, the HV told me that as long as baby is well, gaining weight etc then how many times a day they poo (or not!) is irrelevant. After all we are all different

squidkid Sun 30-Dec-12 20:41:16

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, not sure where to put this.
Just a really quick question, my baby is 12 weeks old and poos 5-8 times a day. She is totally well, healthy, feeding brilliantly, etc. I thought this was normal but it seems many babies poo a lot less often! I really want to move to reusable nappies at some point but can't quite face doing it with this frequency of poo!

Just a quick poll - how many poos a day do you have??

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