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Pg and hoping to bf srcond dc and nursing bras

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DeathMetalMum Fri 28-Dec-12 19:19:21

Even though I am only 29 weeks I have had a little look at nursing bras, seeing if I can get anything in the sales.

From my experience last time, I got measures somewhere between 32-36 weeks I think and bought some nursing bras then theese fitted me at the time but the size of my breasts changed so much once my milk came in and it didnt really settle down until 3-4 months maybe later. I then went and bought more nursing bras they actually fitted and lasted until when I finished breastfeeding. Now I dont think my back size is different at all. Wondering from my past experience wether to use the existing bras I already have then buy more when everything settles down (all being well). Anyone done this before, or know of a reason I definatley shouldn't do this, dd is only 2.

Sleepyfergus Fri 28-Dec-12 19:38:21

Not got any real advice, bit I wore crappy M&S maternity bras with dd1 and when I was pregnant with dd2 promised myself I would buy some decent ones. I got bravado and Carriwell ones from this website and they are fab. You don't have to order a particular cup size, instead they are S, M, L etc (there's a wee grid to guide you) and the fabric is such that it stretches with you as you milk comes in and with general supply fluctuations during the day. I have to say they've been brilliant, and I found the website competitively priced plus free delivery and very helpful re returns/ exchanges etc.

The bravado ones are slightly nicer than the Carriwell ones, but both wash well and fit beautifully. I'm not big chested though if that makes any difference.

HTH and congrats on no 2. Not so long now!!!

zoobaby Fri 28-Dec-12 22:53:23

I got bravado seamless silk from same website. I year them 24/7 and love them.

Towards the end of pg I found that all bras were giving me endless grief with the elastic under the boob causing immense discomfort. One day in desperation I got my bravado out and couldn't believe the sheer relief. Next time I'll start wearing them much earlier!

Since starting bf they've been great and I wear them overnight as well. They feel nice and soft and I feel that they give me good support.I'm a C cup usually and went to D at end of pg. Bought M size Bravado seamless silk and haven't needed to change so no idea if cup has gone up.

DeathMetalMum Sat 29-Dec-12 09:36:35

Thanks had a look at those and look good I noticed that jojomaman... do some similar just m l xl etc rather than cup size has anyone tried theese?

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