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Expressing advice please!

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Gillyweed001 Mon 24-Dec-12 09:47:15

We have had to put Ds on bottles, as he now refuses my breast. I've been expressing 10 mins each side for the last few days twice a day, to try and slow and eventually stop my supply. Yesterday, I only had time to express 5 mins each side once. This morning I've woken, and don't feel engorged at all. Should I not express until I have to, or maybe continue with doing it daily, and keep shortening the time? I don't want to be in pain on Christmas day! (or any other day!) smile TIA

Cheshirebabywhisperer Mon 24-Dec-12 14:02:33

Sounds like your breasts have nearly stopped producing milk.. Only express if and when they feel uncomfortable and only until you have relieved the pressure.
If you keep expressing you will stimulate the breast hormone prolactin. Good luck

rubyslippers Mon 24-Dec-12 14:14:50

Don't express at all

That continues to stimulate your supply

Cabbage leaves are very good and if you do get engorged just express enough to relieve the discomfort - you can do this in the shower or bath by hand

rubyslippers Mon 24-Dec-12 14:15:38

Should say cabbage leaves are good - put in your bra

They're are very effective at reducing engorgement / savoy !

Gillyweed001 Mon 24-Dec-12 14:57:23

Thank you. I'm hoping I won't take too long to dry up!

Gillyweed001 Sun 30-Dec-12 03:16:30

OK, so not pumped since op date, and everything seems....fine. No engorgement, no leaking. My breasts in the last 24 hours feel smaller. Do you think I can relax now, as I keep thinking the painful engorgement is going to happen any second.....

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