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Exhausted by constant feeding

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glendathegoodwitch Tue 04-Dec-12 13:35:10

Hi mm79

I have a3week old dd and am bf'ing - unfortunately the best thing to do is feed on demand - sleep when baby sleeps and eat & drink plenty, the gaps between feeds will gradually get longer - during the day Dottie feeds every hour or two but let's me have 5 hours through the night which isn't too bad, she cluster feeds from 5 pm ish right through til 11pm so I either express as much as ican throughout the day and give her that or give her 4 ozs of aptamil last thing at night!!

Has your milk come in yet? He will go for longer when it does as it is more satisfying than colostrum which is high calorie snacky milk lol

Chunkychicken Tue 04-Dec-12 04:04:06

Just to add - this will pass!! At 3do, he is getting your supply established. Once its got settled, he will start going longer.

Sorry if that sounds patronizing/telling you something obvious (and I can empathise as I have a 23do DC2 who is now feeding ALL evening, then getting trapped wind, so am exhausted) but I had forgotten how often newborns feed in the early days I have a 2.7yo, it wasn't that long ago, but still... and that it does pass soon enough. <passes around matchsticks to prop eyes open>

kittyandthegoldenfontanelles Tue 04-Dec-12 03:54:02


I know what you are going through. My daughter is was a heavy feeder and I got through it by feeding lying down. We would both naturally snooze and it kept us topped up. You prop your son towards you so he is lying on his side slightly with a pillow behind his back but making sure his neck and head aren't restricted then you curl around him in a c shape. Was a godsend to me. Only ever do it on the middle of a bed and make sure the covers are well away from him though. My breast feeding nurse taught me this.

Good luck. smile

lucylookout Mon 03-Dec-12 03:23:33

Are you sure he's feeding and not just comfort sucking? With feeding the jaw moves and you can hear the swallowing. With comfort sucking it's just the mouth doing a very shallow suck. What happens if you gently break his latch with your little finger?

MummyIsMagic79 Mon 03-Dec-12 02:15:00

I am currently feeding DC3. Have been since about 11pm. Shattered. He is 3 days old. Last night fed til 5.20am and then woke before 8. Anybody any ideas on what to do? Five hours of feeding is killing me already.


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