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10 month old still night waking/feeding :(

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mamababa Thu 08-Nov-12 14:14:06

DS is 10 months. He goes to bed at 7pm. He is mainly breasted although I do give him a bottle at around 11pm still. If I don't give this bottle he wakes between 2am and 3am usually. If he has the bottle it varies what time he wakes but generally around 4am. I then breast feed him and he goes straight back to sleep. I am pretty sure he doesn't need this feed he eats very well during the day (always eats everything) I have recently increased his solids and still night waking. I want to stop feeding him in the night, how do I settle him without milk? I have tried a few times to not feed him and he screams te house down. Would I be better giving a bottle and reducing the volume over a week or so? Or controlled crying? Any help gratefully received am back at work in Jan and could do with more sleep. Thanks x

Iggly Thu 08-Nov-12 16:30:29

Gradually reduce the quantity over a number of nights. Imagine if you wanted to stop having a meal - If you ate more at other times, ypud still get hungry at that usual Meal time out of habit and you probably wouldnt want to eat more at the other time anyway.

Although I'd argue that it's normal to have a night feed at this age.

mamababa Thu 08-Nov-12 21:01:50

Thanks. Ds1 was so much easier think I was spoiled grin
Maybe he'll just outgrow it

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