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Breastfeeding and projectile vomit

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SiouxsieSwix Wed 31-Oct-12 21:08:40


DD is four weeks old and we are happily breast feeding exclusively at the moment. Problem is we have had several instances of projectile vomiting, only one per day and all seem to be in the evening. She feeds really well through the day, every 3-4 hours but then when it comes to 5/6pm seems to feed more frequently.

Tonight she fed at 5.30 and had a really good/long feed, winded all ok and then wanted more around 7.30pm, fd a bit frantically and then proceeded to projectile vomit everywhere!

Not sure whether it's because she's gulping it down too quick and trapping air but not sure why she's so hungry in the evening? Is she filling up so she sleeps longer?

This is my first post and just wondered if anyone had been in this situation


jimmenycricket Wed 31-Oct-12 21:11:51

That sounds about normal. It'll pass. Some babies just do throw up an awful lot I'm afraid. Perhaps you would be better winding her by sitting her bolt upright against your stomach (facing away from you). Support her head so her spine and neck are straight and she should just burp without any jiggling.

It does get easier don't worry smile

eagerbeagle Wed 31-Oct-12 21:27:17

DD was a puker. She did some epic ones and I spent those early months with a lot of milky sick soaked muslins.

She grew out of it around 6 months ish. GP not concerned because she was gaining weight nicely and the puking didn't seem to distress her.

The evening cluster feeding is very normal too. Especially if your DD is throwing up her feed.

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