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Tongue tie returned - what's best to do?

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Teds77 Wed 03-Oct-12 22:05:22

My DTB had tongue tie that meant he wouldn't latch at all but after this was cut at 3 weeks he has breast fed brilliantly and consistently gained 6-8oz a week.

When the tie was cut they also diagnosed thrush which was treated and cleared up.

I've been nagging the health visitors for a few weeks now that I thought the thrush had returned and they eventually agreed with me today. The HV also said that DTB's tongue tie had grown back.

The HV thinks we should leave things for a fortnight and see how he does weight-wise. I'm not in any rush to get the tie snipped again if it doesn't need to be done but on the other hand, it's a bit of a labour of love to breast feed DTs so I want to stay on top of things.

I've been sore for a few days but had thought this was possibly the thrush. Also I had terrible D&V at the weekend and felt a bit empty and both DTs have had some long feeds which I presumed might have added to the soreness. However now I'm wondering whether DTB's long feeds might be due to the tongue tie and this might also be contributing to the soreness?

Anyways, lots of waffle but I'm just wondering what I should do? Wait two weeks and see what happens? Ignore this and contact the local lactation consultants who were very helpful in getting the tie snipped last time? Possibly contact someone private like Ann Dobson (who was recommended to me last time but luckily my referral was relatively quick) as I'm a bit nervous about scar tissue if we snip twice/want it done properly this time.

Oh and just to say we followed all the advice about what to do after the snip and DTB was exclusively breastfed until 8 weeks and since then (now 11 weeks) he's bedtime feed is half as a bottle of expressed milk (before bath) and half on the breast (after bath) every other day - on the other day it's all breastfed and his sister gets the split feed. To me this little bit of a bottle feed every other day would surely not be the reason the tie would grow back??

mawbroon Thu 04-Oct-12 07:45:50

Are you able to travel to Huddersfield? There is a dentist there who is lasering tongue ties and lip ties. He was trained by Dr Kotlow link

There is less chance of laser revision healing up, especially when you combine it with the appropriate aftercare.

We travelled 480mile round trip to get ds1's done there after a previous revision wasn't done properly.

Can't recommend it enough

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