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Where do I get a feeding sports bra - or underwired!

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McBaby Tue 26-Feb-13 23:32:15

Royce nursing bras seem to be ok supportive even after 6 months and at a 34h. Struggling to find anything underwired in my size!

whatsoever Tue 26-Feb-13 23:28:40

I've got the Anita underwired nursing bras, they are ace. Have an ordinary shock absorber bra for sports and undo it at the back and then pull it up to feed. Not ideal but the best solution I've found.

Babyroutes Tue 26-Feb-13 17:13:11

Freya Active do an underwired sports bra. Just been reviewing it! Not sure of other underwired sports bras though - was the first time I'd come across one.

ViolaCrayola Mon 25-Jun-12 18:55:06

See here. And others on this website. Am currently pregnant, wearing normal underwired and will switch to BFing underwired/soft wired in late pregnancy. I have huge boobs and cannot tolerate non wired bras for anything other than lounging around at home!

Apparently 'they' have now decided that underwired bras are fine for pregnancy and BFing as long as they fit properly and the wires don't dig in.

YoulllaughAboutItOneDay Mon 25-Jun-12 18:47:02

I never found such a thing as a feeding sports bra. But Anita underwired nursing bras were a godsend for me. The wire is cut wide so as not to dig into breast tissue, but they are broadly normal. Shockingly expensive, but you only need a couple, so if you can stretch to it I recommend them...

StarlightWithAsteroid Mon 25-Jun-12 18:30:29

Well I gave up with bfing bras in the early weeks with my last two, but getting the boob out of them non-feeding underwired is a pita.

MigGril Mon 25-Jun-12 18:23:53

I know what you mean (was a k cup at my biggest). I gave up on nursing bras at 10months, just when with balcernt style bras as long as they are well fitted and the wire rests on the rib cage not the breast tissue then they are fine. Plus it helps if things have already setaled down. Don't think it would be a good idea in the first few months.

StarlightWithAsteroid Mon 25-Jun-12 15:46:05

I'm planning to bf for years and am NOT going to bounce my way through them!

38F or something. Bfing bras are REALLY pissing me off. Can't even go upstairs without hitting myself on the nose.

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