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14 months requesting squllions of feeds

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zimm Mon 24-Oct-11 10:40:20

DD is requesting feeds constantly! It's doing my head in. So far today she's had 5 plus a night feed :-(

I think it's because she has recently started nursery and is feeling unsettled. After nursery she screams with tiredness until she is latched on and then she passes out for the night...

We're working on the nursery issues - it's early days and she is largely happy there - it's just drop off and the fact she gets very very tired there. Any experience of toddlers constantly wanting feeds and then reverting to a more normal pattern? She is teething (which is probably another reason for all the feeds) so it is physically painful for me also. I wouldn't normally think anything of it but she will feed, go off and play and then want feeding 10 minutes later - like a new born! She does eat so i;m pretty sure it's not hunger - if it were surely she'd take a big feed and then be ok for a few hours at least.

Another issue is I'd like my periods to return but with this erratic feeding pattern I can't see it happening...

catonlap Mon 24-Oct-11 21:46:06

My 22 month old goes through phases of doing the same. I've no useful advice, I just keep telling myself she will grow out of it one day.

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