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How long are your breastfeeds at 9 months?

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shepster Mon 03-Oct-11 10:58:01

I know that babies are terribly efficient at breastfeeding, but constantly worry that DS (8 1/2 months) isn't taking in enough milk. The HV is dismissive of my concerns and so not really answering my questions, alas.

Just wondered how long your breastfeeds were at this age? DS is on 3 meals a day and typically has the following:

Several BF at night (some quick, some longer than others)
Last BF around 6/7am
Breakfast 8
BF 9:30 (just before nap)
Lunch 12
BF 2:30
Nap 2:30
Bottle (100 ml) at 4:30
Dinner 6
Bottle (100 ml) and BF

Some feeds are about 5 minutes, some even less (sucking interrupted with looking around room), some longer- like before naps- but with lots of comfort sucking too.

Sometimes I can really hear him glug glug, at others I can tell he's drinking but the intake isn't as quick.

What has your experience been? Does this all sound normal? Did you panic about meeting his iron stores? Hydration needs? I certainly have. My HV said (in an irritated fashion) STOP worrying, but gave me no information on how/why. Any thoughts are most appreciated.

citymonkey Mon 03-Oct-11 11:22:15

I can offer no advice as clearly haven't a clue but just wanted to say I am having similar worries re short feeds with my four week old son (see other thread). Hope someone who knows something comes along soon!

Zara75 Mon 03-Oct-11 11:47:00

I can share what my midwife used to tell me when I was worried about if my DD gets enough milk or not. She said that some babies prefer short feeds and feed more frequently , some are more on the relaxed side and have longer feeds. My midwife said every baby is different but the most important thing is to feed them when they ask for it!! Breastfeed on demand and forget about any schedule. Your baby will know best when, how much and for how long. In regards to long sucking without really drinking: Breastfeeding is more than just supplying food and nutrion it is also about trust and the closeness with mum. Enjoy this time it will be soon over and you will miss this moments! :-)

shepster Mon 03-Oct-11 15:05:03

Oh yes, I am definitely trying to enjoy every moment. And as regards bf on demand, I think I may have been overlooking his cues. I have been trying to offer him before pre- and post naps, and only recently has he begun to ask for some milk in the morning before breakfast (mind you, he does feed 3-4x per night still.) But he's been tugging at my shirt lately during meals, and I thought he just wanted cuddles but think he may be wanting some milk too. Hmmm. At any rate, I guess I'll just have to trust him- and pay more attention too!

Paschaelina Mon 03-Oct-11 15:09:06

At 9-10months Boy was averaging about 4 mins per side, quite often only wanting one side. He is nearly 13 months now and the feeds are getting a little longer, but fewer. This was also about the age he started eyeing up my boobs if he caught a glimpse so I developed strong batting fingers if it wasn't appropriate.

He was having 4 feeds from me and one bottle at bedtime.

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