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I'm on antibiotic, how do I recognise diarrhoea in 8 week old ?

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fatbottomgirl Tue 27-Sep-11 16:50:26

I have been Ill for 5 days now with a throat infection, very poorly and feeling sorry for myself. I haven't eat much since Thursday night and think it is having an effect on my supply. I gave given in and got antibiotic's from the doctor today. trouble I have no idea what diarrhoea in a 8 week old ebf looks like. He has loads of runny mustard seed yellows a day maybe about 4. So what am I meant to look for?

onepieceofcremeegg Tue 27-Sep-11 16:52:22

I would say look for any change in your baby's usual nappies. So for example if he suddenly has 6 or 8 dirty nappies rather than 4. Or if the contents seem more liquid. Runny yellow mustard seed effect is very common in a young ebf baby.

Try and drink yourself rather than worrying so much about eating. (but obviously eat what you can). Hope you are soon better. smile

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