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Refusing bottle - is this teething?

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R2E2 Sat 03-Sep-11 21:45:48

I've not posted here before, but I'm really hoping to get some advice and ideas as I'm starting to dread each feed.

My DS is nearly five months old and we are mixed feeding. Most of his milk is coming from the bottle, either EBM or formula or a mixture. About ten days ago he started to fuss when presented with the bottle, crying, pushing the teat out of his mouth and getting really distressed. This is now happening at virtually all his feeds, and he's even started to wake up and fuss during the dream feed. As soon as the bottle is taken away he's back to his usual cheerful self. Feeding time has become incredibly stressful, and I feel that I'm virtually force feeding him which I hate, and I also fear is making things worse.

He's been displaying what I assume to be signs of teething; drooling, putting anything he can get into his mouth, runny poo in his nappy, and last week his gums were bleeding slightly. However, this isn't causing him any distress, except when bottle feeding.

We've tried putting some baby bonjela on his gums before feeding, and also teething granules, but neither seems to make much difference. If he's fed outside the house he gets much less distressed - I'm assuming this is because there is some distraction in being in a diferent environment.

Am I right in thinking that this is related to teething - or could there be another explanation? Sorry for the length of this post, really grateful for views.

mummyemily Sun 04-Sep-11 07:40:59

Hi and welcome, along with the other symptons you mention it does sound a if he might be teething. I would just keep a cloe eye on his gums and maybe offer calpol to ease any pain as well as using bonjela. I would make sure that he has a free flow teat so he doesnt have to work too hard to get his milk, if he starts to fuss i would stop straight away and try again when he has settled down maybe a change of room might help jut because it is out of routine?
I know how frustrating and worrying it is having a baby who wont feed but if it continues contact your health viistor and get her to come to you at home at feeding time and maybe offer some ueful tip.

R2E2 Sun 04-Sep-11 10:43:20

Many thanks, it helps knowing that we're not on our own with this. Any thoughts on how far before a feed we might give Calpol - not sure how long it takes to take effect?

We're using Tommee Tippee closer to nature bottles and recently switched teats to the medium flow, but will try him on the fast flow.

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