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amount of Milton sterilising fluid

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DanAndSam Fri 12-Aug-11 13:57:19

Hi, we've just started as adoptive parents and I have a question, probably stupid, about the Milton Fluid: it says on the bottle:

"Add 1/2 capful for every 2.5 litres of water" - so 1 capful for 5 litres.

But on the French instructions it says:

"Diluer 2 bouchons doseur dans 5 litre d'eau" - i.e. 2 caps per 5 litres of water.

So which is it? Or have I missed something?


nocake Fri 12-Aug-11 14:15:42

I think there is a measurement line inside the cap that indicates half a capful. The French instructions refer to two of these.

DanAndSam Fri 12-Aug-11 16:39:31

Wow that's confusing. I'll go and check. Still seems bizarre. Thanks nocake!

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