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HELP! Mastitis - to antibiotic or not that is the question...

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Lizzun Tue 19-Jul-11 18:09:17

Hi ladies

I'm having a bad day... :-( Please advise... It appears I have mastitis which came on overnight. Having seen a GP earlier today for LO's eight week check/jabs, when it seemed to be improving, I mentioned it - saying that I was following the advice given by a BF counsellor ie feed, feed & feed some more. It did seem to be responding... But when I got home I felt pretty crap - shivery & achey, so I checked my temp before taking paracetamol, and it was 38.6. I rang the surgery hoping for some advice, but the receptionist seemed to think that as I'd already spoken to a doc they would be happy to go straight to antibiotics... DH has gone to pick them up for me, but I'm not keen on taking them because of LO.

I've had a rocky road post c section - including wound problems requiring two courses of ABs, the last metronidazole resulted in LO developing oral thrush, which then needed treatment... I feel loads better after the paracetamol & I'm already on ibuprofen for carpal tunnel pain. Please advise what you would do.

We are nine weeks tomorrow and although I love my DD to bits seem to lurch from one problem to the next :-( When will our luck ever change!?!

downpipe Tue 19-Jul-11 18:51:10

OK, I'm a GP and would say this:
If you've actually got a temp (and 38.6 is fairly high) despite the paracetamol I would take antibiotics, especially if the breast is very red and hot.
However, not all mastitis needs antibiotics and if the temp goes down to 37 again after the paracetamol it might get better on it's own.
I know it's horrible taking antibiotics when BF as you worry about the baby getting it in the milk;I also had to take 2 lots for scar infection too whilst BF.
Sounds like your first few weeks were tough.Hope things get better soon

Lizzun Tue 19-Jul-11 19:21:46

Thanks, Downpipe...

I've just fed on the affected side and it does feel a bit easier, I feel a bit headachy and sorry for myself, but DH was away last night and DD decide to have the worst night for weeks and I had v little sleep, so I was going to feel rubbish today anyway... I think I'll see how I'm doing later but will take the ABs if I feel worse.

Lizzun Tue 19-Jul-11 19:54:48

Just rechecked temp now 37.3...

Do hope it sorts itself out! What I'd do for eight hours uninterrupted sleep!

One of my NCT chums struggled with bf and went over to ff, when she tells us how her hubby sometimes does the night feeds and she goes and sleeps in the spare room, sounds like heaven! Oh well, eyes on the prize, I wanted to do the best for my baby and we've come this far... Think I need some chocolate ;-)

downpipe Tue 19-Jul-11 20:00:54

Glad it's getting better.Well done for sticking to the BF for 9's not always easy. You deserve some chocolate, some sleep and some wine( and a glass or two is definitely fine!)

HappyAsASandboy Tue 19-Jul-11 20:27:19

I don't have any advice about the mastitis, but having suffered many blocked ducts, I sympathise.

Your wishful comment about your friends husband doing night feeds hit home though! I am breast feeding, and have always found the nights hard. At about 8 weeks, my Mum stayed overnight and I slept in the spare room. She brought my babies (twins) in for each feed, but then took them away again and she settled them back to sleep. I found it helped immensely. I think it is because you can sleep better if you know you are no longer 'the responsible person', whilst normally you are only half asleep because you're waiting for the cry.

Perhaps you could ask your husband (or mum?) to do that for you? Even though it has to be you to feed, it can be someone else who sleeps on high alert for the wakings smile

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