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Weaning and swapped to Bottle from breast too, confused!

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TettyLouBar Wed 13-Jul-11 20:41:19

Hi all,
DD2 has taken after her big sis and had her two bottom teeth since she was a little shy of 4 months. As soon as they were through she was biting down and drawing blood. (DD1 aso did this) I'm glad I've managed with both to persevere until almost 6 months (She's now 24 weeks) but enough is enough.

She's now almost completely on bottles after a fortnight of dropping BF's in favour of bottles. No problems there, she loves bottle as she's a nosey little thing and likes to look around during feeds.

I'm over the bfing being dropped now (a little gutted at first as I know I probably won't have any more kids and always imagined I would give her the last feed on my terms knowing it was the last, but she wouldn't feed from me once she started having bottles more than twice daily so the swap over has been rapid!)

Anyway, I can't for the life of me remember how I did it all with DD1. I'm having trouble balancing out bottles with meal times. She's currently having:
Early morning bottle 5oz
mid morning breakie (porridge/baby rice pudding/fruit compote) with water from a doidy cup
Lunch time 9(ish) Bottle 5oz
mid afternoon Bottle 3pm (ish) 5oz
Tea time meal (puree of some description and normally stays in high chair and nibble/gnaws on finger food such as a carrot baton while we eat) and water from a doidy cup
Bedtime bottle 6oz 6:30pm ish

(she wakes normally once at the moment for a bottle at around 4am, 5oz)

Is this enough? Am I doing it right? I'm suddenly having a confidence lull and beginning to think I'm not getting the balance right, she never cries for food and seems almost to need encouragement with the bottles (teething i think is not helping here)

I'm all a bit confused confused

RitaMorgan Wed 13-Jul-11 21:59:23

So 21oz milk in all? That sounds about right to me - they need around 20oz a day up to 12 months, and then 12oz a day up to 24 months.

TettyLouBar Sat 16-Jul-11 19:28:51

thanks rita, I thought they were the numbers but just needed some reassurance. smile

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