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Nursing strike at 7 months - what now?

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WhatsCookinGoodLookin Fri 01-Jul-11 22:33:44

hi everyone, I'm at a bit of a crossroads and could do with some advice!

I have exclusively breastfed my dd for 7 months - everything was going well, we starting to introduce solids at 6 months and all ok. She seemed to be breastfeeding less as expected but still well. Then suddenly since earlier this week, she just won't take the breast at all. She was teething, and has 6 teeth already (!) and did nip me, and I pulled off, so I'm guessing it's a nursing strike. I haven't managed to nurse her for over 3 days now :-(

Anyway, I've been expressing and she's taking the milk ok now...... But I'm not sure what to keep doing :-(. Should I keep trying to express - it's taking longer each time and I'm worried that supply Is drying up. Will she still get antibodies etc from expressed milk? Or should I switch to formula? If so, any advice on which one? I'm clueless...

I feel really sad cos I had really hoped to continue for another few months yet :-(

Sorry this is so waffly but just wanted to hear from anyone else with similar experience. Is there any chance she'll start on the boob again? Or has she just self weaned and should I just move on???

mercibucket Fri 01-Jul-11 22:38:06

she hasn't self weaned, it's a nursing strike. have you checked out the advice on
about nursing strikes? lots of good advice. just keep on trying. when she's asleep/sleepy/just starting to wake up is a good time to offer. in the meantime, keep expressing. hang on in there!

AngelDog Fri 01-Jul-11 22:43:09

Agree. Search for 'nursing strike' on MN and you'll find lots of threads. Expressing is good - will stimulate your supply a bit even if not as much as your LO does. (Even if you don't get much out, the stimulation is helpful, I think.)

Keep offering in as relaxed a way as you can.

DS went on strike for 12 days when he was 13 months. (He'd feed when sleepy though). It turned out he had an ear & chest infection (then went on to get a V&D bug and conjunctivitis too). Teething can often cause strikes too. It might be worth getting her checked by a GP. DS showed no other signs of ear problems at all.

Specific Kellymom page here.

WhatsCookinGoodLookin Fri 01-Jul-11 22:52:12

Thanks for the replies. I'll keep trying then - finding it so hard emotionally because even if she's happy and relaxed and I put her near the breast, she'll start screaming sad. Not helping that my mum's convinced that she's old enough to self wean. Didn't realise strikes could last so long angelfig, will hang in there then.

Actually took her to the go yesterday cause she's generally been a bit out of sorts, and he reckoned all ok. I reckon it's the teething...

AngelDog Fri 01-Jul-11 23:31:42

The longest I read of was 40 days (older toddler who'd broken a tooth mind). If you google you can find all sorts of stories.

Good luck. It's really demoralising but wonderful when you come out of the other end. DS never really asked for milk, and DH was muttering about weaning when DS went on strike. When DS re-started feeding, he started flapping with excitement before feeds. DH has since changed his mind on the weaning issue. grin

WhatsCookinGoodLookin Sat 02-Jul-11 18:40:02

40 days! Wow...

Well I went out and bought an electric pump this morning as my old manual one was proving too much work. Not managing to express an awful lot still but will keep trying. BUT..... This evening she has just gone on the breast - briefly, but definitely latching and drinking so fingers crossed. She's refused again since, but I am much more positive about it now! Thanks for your help smile

sc2987 Sat 02-Jul-11 21:03:09

If you do need to carry on pumping you might want to do it more often than she feeds, to keep up your supply as it's less efficient.

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