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Cosleeping and bedside cots

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orchidee Thu 23-Jun-11 17:58:13

I know there have been other threads on this but I've a few qs that I haven't seen covered...

If you used a bedside cot, did you have to unconnect it from the big bed to change the bedding? How long did you have it attached to your bed (e.g. the entire time you BF, the 6 months recommended for rooming in...?) Was it annoying to have to clamber in and out of the big bed with limited space? (My only option dure to space will be for the big bed to be lengthways against a wall, so one side of the big bed will be completely blocked and the cot would be on the other side.)

I'm thinking of getting the Cosatto, any recommendations for cots or suppliers are appreciated.


Hopefully Thu 23-Jun-11 18:34:18

We have this bednest cot, and apart from the fact that DS2 doesn't particularl deign to go in it (whole other story), it's great. Doesn't need to come off for bedding changes or anything.

Our bed is against the wall too, and TBH after about 3 nights I didn't even think about having to clamber in from the foot of the bed.

DS2 is 12 weeks, and I certainly plan to keep bedside cot for another couple of months.

orchidee Thu 23-Jun-11 18:54:56

Thanks Hopefully. I really liked the look of the bednest crib but I was loaned a moses basket so am using that instead, and am now thinking about the next stage up. Out of interest though, how long do you think your DS will fit in the bednest (as opposed to how long he'll officially fit according to the manufacturer)?

And I've just remembered another question for those with bedside cots - since they are kept in a relatively high position to fit the big bed's mattress height, at what age did your DC become unsafe for it, i.e. they were able to move around / sit up or whatever, and you felt their mattress should be at a lower position? (I have no idea when you'd normally move it to the lower mattress height position.) Just wondering about the lifespan of bedside cosleeping.

thanks again

Hopefully Thu 23-Jun-11 18:58:20

Hmmm... It's not massive, but (unless DS2 starts crawling insanely early) I would hope to use it till he's 6 months. Wouldn't think we'd get much more though.

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