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Worried she's not eating enough

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KatB71 Wed 22-Jun-11 23:52:58

never posted before but I seem to spend half my life worrying dd is not eating enough, so thought I'd see if anyone could offer help or even see if others had similar problems.

dd is 21 weeks and is ff, and has anything from about 500mls of milk to 740mls of milk a day. There are times when she drains her bottle quite happily, times when she'll put up a fight for a bit, crying and pushing the teat out her mouth, before sucking quite happily. Other times she'll have a bit of milk and then do this and I can sometimes persuade her to take a bit more, sometimes not. Sometimes she won't take anything at all. She has, on occasion, gone about 11 hours without eating cos she kept refusing her bottle (took her to docs to get her checked out.....said she was 'just having an off day'!) to try to get her to eat as much as poss I'm still doing 7 feeds most days. She never seems to cry out of hunger, a couple of weeks age I went out for night with dh, leaving her with my mum, who tried and failed to feed her, so she went over 8 hours without eating. When I came back I fed her and she drained her bottle, though I would have thought she should have been screaming with hunger but she wasn't. Have tried changing bottles without success

Would appreciate any advice, I'm possibly neurotic cos we had a bit of a bad start as she was very sick when born, and she is still tiny - has been on the 0.4th centile since birth, but it stresses me out so much and otherwise she's a great little baby


DialMforMummy Thu 23-Jun-11 09:08:49

ouch, this must be very difficult..... Is she wetting/soiling nappies?
This could be the sort of issues cranial osteopathy could help, could be worth giving an osteopath a call and ask.
The other thing I'd say is that is you feel tense/stressed when feeding, she might sense it and therefore struggle to eat? I am not trying to make you feel guilty but babies are incredibly receptive to our emotions so this could be an explanation. Do give the CO a go, these people do wonders.
Best of luck.

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