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Urgent! Is this ok to use???

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sleepdodger Sat 04-Jun-11 22:54:51

I'm desperate for some sleep and have a bottle in the fridge my dh could give our ds BUT I can't remember when u expressed it (don't, I forgot to label, tired & emotional beating myself up about that) I think tues or weds, no earlier, it smell fine, ie it doesn't snell of anything, so is it ok to use?
Thanks xx

2ddornot2dd Sat 04-Jun-11 23:38:54

The general rule is 24 hours in a fridge. Sorry.

browneyesblue Sun 05-Jun-11 00:10:45

The NHS say up to 5 days in the fridge is okay

browneyesblue Sun 05-Jun-11 00:12:58

Although I'm sure I've also read that up to a week is okay.

PenguinArmy Sun 05-Jun-11 02:53:24

For future reference sniff test is enough. I've used milk up to 7/8 days (as said by Kellymom) if it has smelt fine (jn fact always has but say if in door or have a warmer fridge it might not last that long I guess). If it goes off it does indeed smells like gone off cows milk (left a bottle in the changing bag once).

24 hrs is for formula or defrosted milk (which as it's lost it anti bacterial goodness needs to be treated like formula).

charlienotcharlotte Sun 05-Jun-11 03:01:49

It'll be fine! I express feed my baby and milk is always stocked up in the fridge for five / six days and I haven't had any go off yet. The sniff test is enough - it really smells when its gone bad.

Tarlia Sun 05-Jun-11 10:57:46

We always use EBM up until 5 days - always sniff before using, but not had a bad one yet!

Cosmosis Sun 05-Jun-11 12:10:30

yes, as PA I have used milk over a week old, I do the sniff test first. You do need to keep it at the back and make sure your fridge is cold, if not it can go off much sooner.

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