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Stopping Breastfeeding

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LittleDonkin Sat 08-Jan-11 20:43:19

My DD is 12 and a half weeks old. I have EBF her since birth even though we had a terrible start with her not wanting to go anywhere near my nipple.
She has steadly gained weight. She was 7lb at birth and when I had her weighed 3 weeks ago she was 9lb 8.
I feel like I want to stop as the only time she ever seems to feed off me properly is when she wakes at around 2am. During the day she only seems to be on me for about 2 minutes before she is either asleep or arching her back and screaming at my breast then shes crying for a feed an hour later just to do the behaviour stated earlier.
I keep thinking with formula I could get her into a better feeding routine as I know she will be full after finishing a feed and she might go 3 hours between feeds. She seems to be a very clingy baby and hates to be put down and wont nap during the day unless she is on me and I dont know if this is because she isnt full and doesnt want to be too far away from her food source. She goes much longer between feeds when she is being pushed around town as she will sleep then!
I have had a few tears tonight wondering what I should do as the constant feeding is wearing me out.

fifitot Sat 08-Jan-11 20:46:23

Yep it's tough breastfeeding IMHO. Can you seen a BF counsellor just to get your latch checked or just get some advice.

FF doesn't necessarily mean a better routine I've heard.

It gets better. YOur DD is still very young and of course she wants her mummy! Well done for getting this far and if you do pack in well don't beat yourself up about it.

THere are better experts on here than me so am sure you will get some great advice soon.

MummyElk Sun 09-Jan-11 00:19:12

hi donkin it sounds like you are feeling pretty frustrated about it all.
I would definitely second the advice about seeing a BF cllr/peer supporter, they would be able to advise and also listen to your worries about this.
Formula doesn't necessarily mean a regular feeding routine and she still might not go 3 hours between feeds! What might happen, either way, is that this phase might settle down - she's very young still and, breastfeeding is an organic does change, as does she smile. The constant feeding does sound very tiring - is she doing this during the day too? Have you considered a sling? She might be happier if she is next to you? Something like a MobyWrap or KariMe might be a good way to settle her without a boob.
You are doing a Great Job - and she's still young smile.
Do you know of any breastfeeding clinics/cafes/counsellors nearby that you could go and see??

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 09-Jan-11 11:26:42

Please don't feel upset, it all sounds normal to me. Like the other posters have said you are doing a great job.

Would highly recommend talking to a Bfing Counsellor, are there are near you? Is there a Bfing Support Group you could go to as well? When my DC1 was young I found just turning up at the local NCT group each week really helped.

Also, have you tried a sling? My DD slept in a sling during the day and it meant I was able to do things like play with DS and cook the tea.

MummyElk Mon 10-Jan-11 09:59:15

how are you doing today littledonkin?

LittleDonkin Mon 10-Jan-11 10:34:34

It seems the past couple of days may have just been a growth spurt! Much better yesterday with a good couple of hours between feeds! I think half her problem is that she is a terrible napper during the day so everytime she cries I put her straight on the boobie. I'm expecting a bit of comfort feeding today as she has had her 2nd lot of jabs this morning.

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 11-Jan-11 12:19:19

Glad you had a better day and hope the comfort feeding isn't too bad.

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