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Poor weight gain in 19 week old EBF baby

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lots33 Thu 06-Jan-11 15:55:37

Hi everyone am seeking some views please!

Bit of background - my DS was born at 39 weeks with bladder extrophy which meant his bladder was outside his body. He spent the first 4 weeks of his life at Great Ormand Street including 10 days in PICU. For this time he was a combination of EBM and formula. I got him latched on at 4 weeks with assistance from midwives when we came home. smile

DS was 7 lb 4 at birth and the same on discharge from GOSH having previously lost weight. From 4 weeks until 14 weeks he steadily gained weight and was 12 1lb 9 at 14 weeks. He was weighed this week and has not gained at all after 4 weeks. In the past four weeks he was readmitted to GOS for a minor procedure but did interfere with feeding for 48 hours due to nil by mouth and general anasthetic. This was almost 4 weeks ago.

In general, DS still seems to feed pretty well, I BF on demand and no top ups/bottles now. In fact 4 weeks ago he fed approx 3 hourly in the day and once at night but he has hit the 4 month sleep regression/growth spurt and is now feeding 2/3 hourly in the day and 3 hourly at night. He looks like he has grown but length not recorded. He is pretty active - not mobile but lively and reaching for things. He is not sleeping as well as he was.

HV wants to weigh him again on Tuesday. Any thoughts about why he is not gaining and what I can do to help him gain. BTW, he will not accept BF unless he wants it/doesnot comfort feed or feed to sleep....
any thoughts I would be really grateful.

tiktok Thu 06-Jan-11 16:24:18

Wow - poor little man with his difficult start and how wonderful for you that you managed to get bf established and going so well after all these problems.

Honestly this is going to sound boring, and I have already posted today with similar stuff, but the main thing when there is concern about a baby's growth and health problems have been ruled out is to assume they just need more milk - and to create the opportunities to give it. It may be the minor op he had a month ago has set things back a little. Some quite healthy babies plateau in weight for weeks, but because of his history, I can see that everyone would feel better if he was seen to be gaining well.

With a baby who seems unwilling to feed more, like yours, this would mean offering two, three or four breasts each session, and using breast compression (on the web) to keep his interest up; it might mean co-sleeping (follow the safe co-sleeping guidelines) so there are more night feeds. OTOH, if he has only recently upped his feeding maybe his weight will show up better next week?

Hope this helps.

lots33 Thu 06-Jan-11 16:45:40

Thanks Tiktok. I do offer at least 4 breasts each session but will check out breast compression to. I am too scared to fully co-sleep but my DS is in a co-sleeper cot so I can touch him in the night; I'll just keep trying and fingers crossed for next week.

RubyBuckleberry Thu 06-Jan-11 17:17:34

my DS gained nothing for three weeks straight and then shot back up to his line and above it. if i hadn't have weighed him i wouldn't have actually known there was any problem. (not that there was a problem anyway - he was just doing his thing). i'm sure all is well. just keep feeding feeding and it is more than likely he will catch up.

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