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10 weeks - how long between feeds?

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HappyAsASandboy Mon 03-Jan-11 02:05:03

My twins have both been feeding every 2.5 - 3 hours or so (I'm feeding on demand) since birth, with occassional days of more frequent feeding and the very occasional 5 hour stretch.

Since yesterday they've both been going 4 hours or more without asking to be fed. I tried to feed my daughter after 2.5 hours today as we were going in the car for an hour and I didn't want her to be hungry during the journey, and she took only a little bit, so I don't think I am missing feeding cues - they seem to only want to feed every 4-6 hours of so.

Is it ok for 10 week olds to be going as long as 4 - 6 hours betwen feeds? Their general pattern is eat-play-sleep, so initiating a feed would normally mean waking them.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

[I am ebf and the babies are both happy smiling babies with very heavy nappies about 6 times a day]

mum2twin100 Mon 03-Jan-11 02:34:56

Congratulations on bf twins!!!!
You're doing so well! They seem to be very happy so why would you worry?

I bf my twins for 17 months. Unlike my 1st daughter twins fed only 5-10 minutes so i was worried that my girls were not getting enough milk so i used to wake them up at about 12 at night and fed them. what a crazy woman my husband used to say. I ended up with them waking up around that time everyday and i couldnt stop it for a very long time. So my advise to you bf when they want it.

well done and keep up!!

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